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May 2024

New video: SONORA series loudspeakers

Want to unlock the secrets behind the success of our award-winning SONORA speaker series? You're in the right place! In our latest video, we take you behind the scenes to explore every aspect of these extraordinary speakers in detail.

New video: Ordering process

We want to share with you our new video, which will take you through the fascinating journey that your order follows from the moment we receive it until it arrives on your doorstep.

April 2024

NEW: MALIBU, power and versatility in pro audio

Our new version of the MALIBU active loudspeakers represent a significant breakthrough for sound system installers and audio professionals, offering an exceptional combination of sound quality, versatile connectivity and advanced functionality.

New: SKY 6’’ speakers Family

SKY family of loudspeakers, a series designed in direct collaboration with our customers, transforming their valuable feedback into a range of exceptional products.

March 2024

New product: SONORA-8. Innovation in sound reinforcement

The SONORA series of loudspeakers is designed to offer exceptional acoustic performance. In this case we extend the family with the SONORA-8, a loudspeaker that combines state-of-the-art technology and high-quality materials. Frequency response from 60 Hz to 20,000 Hz, sensitivity of 87 dB, and equipped with an 8'' woofer and a 1'' tweeter, these speakers guarantee clear, distortion-free sound quality.

February 2024

New product: MIXPLAY-1. Your all-in-one audio centre.

The MIXPLAY-1 is a real game changer for sound system installers and audio professionals. This state-of-the-art device seamlessly combines the functionality of a Bluetooth®/USB/FM player, a recorder and a mixing console. Let's explore why the MIXPLAY-1 deserves a place in your audio arsenal.

January 2024

NEW PRODUCT: sound kit KS-08WIFI

Discover the revolution in the world of sound with the new KS-08WIFI Sound Kit, an innovative system that combines functionality, quality and power.

December 2023

We update our MOUNTS catalogue

At Fonestar, we are always committed to innovation and excellence in audio products and technology. Today, we present to you the update of our mounts catalogue.

September 2023

Amplify your voice: ALTA-VOZ-W30

Do you want your voice to be heard without effort or distortion? Look no further, because Fonestar's ALTA-VOICE portable USB/microSD amplifier is the perfect solution.

April 2023
January 2023

Improve the audio of your online chats

Do you know that feeling of having everything ready for an online talk or a stream? You have prepared your speech thoroughly, your work area is in order and everything is ready to start the presentation. But suddenly, when the moment of truth arrives, you realise that they can't hear you properly: you can't be understood, your audio is mixed with the echo of the room and some of the attendees can't even hear you. What a nightmare...

November 2022


Are you thinking of adding a simple and quality sound system to your small business but you are not sure how to do it or what you need? Don't worry! At Fonestar we always think of you, that's why we have created the KS WALL sound kit. An all-in-one kit created specifically for the occasion.

October 2022

Your project, tailor-made for you

Have you ever wanted to start a project but never found the right time to do it?
Many times we have an idea in mind, an illusion, but we are unable to muster enough courage to carry it out. There […]

Firmware update of ZSM devices

At Fonestar we are constantly studying and improving our products, so that you always have access to the latest version of everything we offer.

As a consequence, we have detected a possible malfunction in the memories of the ZSM-1000 and […]

Our SONORA family grows

If there is one thing we must be clear about, it is that we must never stop reinventing ourselves, modernising, progressing. In this life we are constantly changing and we must adapt to everything new that may arise.

This time […]

The essence of ISE 2022

It is difficult to show in little more than 60 seconds what the Fonestar team experienced in this ISE 2022 edition, but without a doubt, this video captures the essence of EVERYTHING we share with you.
➡️ Thank you, […]

September 2021


From right to left: Antonio Queijeiro, Director of Suplemento; Irene Alonso, Fonestar Marketing and Communication Manager and Pablo Suñer, Manager of Suplemento .


At Fonestar, lessons are repeated until they are learned, so that with effort and preparation, luck often smiles […]

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General, product, sectorial or special catalogues. Essential documentation for any professional in the audio sector.

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