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April 2023

From Cantabria to the world. Our internationalisation experience.

Internationalisation, the basis of our current and future growth. A lot has happened since we started exporting to our neighbouring country Portugal in 2010 until today, where we export to more than 60 countries in 5 continents.

November 2022

New catalogue: Public Address solutions with a focus on design

For Fonestar, design means solving the needs and desires of people in a concrete area with increasingly changing and versatile technologies. People, needs, desires and areas that have changed little in ten, a hundred or a thousand years. 

October 2022

Our portable amplifier ALTA-VOZ-30 protagonist at Open House Madrid

In life we tend to always go on “autopilot”, we go from work to home, from home to work, from here to there without stopping to think or look where we are going. We go from work to home, from […]

Your project, tailor-made for you

Have you ever wanted to start a project but never found the right time to do it?
Many times we have an idea in mind, an illusion, but we are unable to muster enough courage to carry it out. There […]

Firmware update of ZSM devices

At Fonestar we are constantly studying and improving our products, so that you always have access to the latest version of everything we offer.

As a consequence, we have detected a possible malfunction in the memories of the ZSM-1000 and […]


Improve the audio of your online chats

Do you know that feeling of having everything ready for an online talk or a stream? You have prepared your speech thoroughly, your work area is in order and everything is ready to start the presentation. But suddenly, when the moment of truth arrives, you realise that they can't hear you properly: you can't be understood, your audio is mixed with the echo of the room and some of the attendees can't even hear you. What a nightmare...


Are you thinking of adding a simple and quality sound system to your small business but you are not sure how to do it or what you need? Don't worry! At Fonestar we always think of you, that's why we have created the KS WALL sound kit. An all-in-one kit created specifically for the occasion.

Introducing the new window intercom: INTERFON-V

At Fonestar we are constantly innovating and thinking of new ideas and projects for our customers.

That’s why we are starting October with great enthusiasm and… with a new product: the INTERFON-V.

This is an intercom that facilitates communication […]


Public Address Solutions

All information about public address, sound and microphone products and solutions.

General, product, sectorial or special catalogues. Essential documentation for any professional in the audio sector.

General, product, sectorial or special catalogues. Essential documentation for any professional in the audio sector.

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