System design from scratch with custom technology

We believe the potential for synergies is enormous. Shall we talk?

We design our systems from scratch. Without preconceived ideas. Always focused on the user and seeking excellence. With the aim of providing the added value that is “our trademark“.

Backward compatible software

We seek to get to know the installations first hand. We leave our laboratories and implement the solutions from a real point of view. With experience and professionalism. Close to you and your needs.

We design and develop each and every aspect of our devices

We have our own technology to control devices and streams via TCP/IP network. Which is reflected in our AIP ecosystem. This ecosystem focuses on high level technology, ease of use, scalability and integration at various levels including powerful software tools such as our own SDK and WebAPI integration.

Hardware, device firmware, PC software, mechanics, etc…

We deliver products ready to deploy their full potential. Our philosophy is to set no limits on the elements in play such as number of devices, zones or channels.

The latest improvements on all devices.

We are always open to suggestions. We consider them a gift. That’s why we like to be in direct contact with you. That’s the way we work. Collaborating.


Raúl de Diego

Raúl Diego

We are your PA
technological partner

We want to solve all your challenges and problems.

We assist you in all phases of your project. From the choice of the public address solution to commissioning and support. In addition, if you need it, we will train you free of charge in the operation of IP/network technology.

We offer you a comprehensive support service for your public address projects.