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A constantly evolving market also requires constantly evolving products. And the corresponding updating of knowledge.

At Fonestar we have been pioneers in having permanent contact with training centres where public address and sound are key elements in the development of students. At the same time, we have always dedicated great resources to training all our clients and, in an expansive and intensive way, the whole sector through the different associations with which we collaborate.

We periodically make available to our entire community a training calendar with all our systems and products. Because we know the need to be well trained and to do so continuously.

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The use of new technologies: virtual campus, videoconferencing and collaborative work tools.
Real cases of use
Special sessions with master classes
Team and individual work
  • All training courses are given by highly qualified technicians with extensive experience in the public address and sound sector.
  • Project-based learning methodology with content that has a strong practical component.
  • All courses are free of charge and carry an accredited certification.

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Course: AIP – Audio over IP

Audio over IP is a great opportunity to transform your company towards a new business model with high added value. A change for the better in the way you work in order to create new opportunities. And for this, we must be well trained.

In our Fonestar Academy you can get certified for free in two modalities (basic and advanced) and help your business grow strong in the right direction.

It’s the difference between where you are now and where you want to be in the future.

content modules
months of duration
free certifications
Online training. Learn at your own pace
Revised and updated syllabus
The best audio professionals as teachers

Some thematic examples



Our ASSIST system allows an efficient management of the communication between the patient and the nursing control by means of VoIP calls and light warnings. It has been designed with the needs of social and healthcare centres in mind in order to adapt to each one of them.

EN 54 System


Voice evacuation systems are indispensable to help in emergency or fire situations. They provide clearly understandable voice messages to help people evacuate a room to safety without experiencing panic.

MPX System


Our digital audio matrix is an advanced solution for those projects where many zones need to be controlled with perfect sound equalisation adjustment.

An all-rounder for volume, source and EQ control.


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