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In compliance with Law 1/2018, of 21 March, on Transparency of Public Activity, which in relation to Obligated Subjects includes the following in Article 6. Obligation to provide information:

“1. Natural and legal persons other than those referred to in the previous articles that provide public services or exercise administrative powers, shall be obliged to provide the subject mentioned in Article 4 of this law to which they are linked, upon request, with all the information necessary for compliance by the former with the obligations provided for in this law, within fifteen working days without prejudice to the deadlines that may be established by local entities in the exercise of their autonomy.

2. This obligation shall extend to those awarded public sector contracts and public service provision agreements. To this end, the particular administrative clause specifications or the contractual document shall expressly include this obligation.

With regard to the beneficiaries of public subsidies or aid, the regulatory bases for the award of subsidies, the award resolutions or the agreements that implement the award of subsidies shall include the obligation to provide information to the party mentioned in article 4, and in particular, the information in article 28.6 of this Law”.

Similarly, with regard to the information to be published, Article 28.6 states: “The regulatory bases, award resolutions or agreements that implement the granting of public subsidies or aid shall include the obligation to publish by the parties listed in Article 6 of this Law who are legal entities benefiting from public subsidies or aid for a minimum amount of 10. 10,000, the annual remuneration and indemnities of the heads of administrative or management bodies, such as the president, secretary general, manager, treasurer and technical director, under the terms of Article 39.6 of this Act. In order to comply with this obligation, the subject of article 4 of this law must request the corresponding supporting documentation, which must be submitted by the obligated beneficiary within a maximum period of 15 working days”.

We reproduce Note 23 of the Annual Report for the financial year 2022, published by the Mercantile Registry, which states: The directors of the company have not received any type of remuneration by reason of their positions as directors, having only received remuneration in the form of wages and salaries by reason of the provision of labour services to the company. The amount of these salaries and wages during the year was 322.237,56 euros, 246.049,79 euros in the previous year.

Article 39.6 of the aforementioned law, regarding publication means, specifies: “Article 39.6. The parties mentioned in Articles 5 and 6 of this Law must guarantee the publication of the information to which they are obliged by this Law through their websites in a specific section on transparency, without prejudice to the inter-administrative collaboration measures which, where appropriate, may be implemented. If they do not have their own website, they shall publish it on the websites of the federations, organisations, associations or groups to which they belong. If they do not have a website, this circumstance must be communicated to the body awarding the subsidy or public aid in order to publicise it. In the event of publication on the Transparency Portal of Cantabria, the awarding body shall send the information to the body mentioned in Article 38 of this Law”.