FONESTAR warranty

For us, it is essential to have a team that can offer the right solution at all times. Because sometimes problems can’t be avoided. The important thing is how we deal with them.

We work to always manage to resolve incidents without the product having to pass through our workshop. Because we know that your time is very important and saving resources makes us all more competitive.

Our historical commitment to the after-sales guarantee through our own TCS, with personnel specialised in the diagnosis and repair of equipment, ensures that we provide a service based on:

For the correct use of the product, the resolution of the most common incidents and the success of the installation.

Both technical and product. Our engineers analyse the possible alternatives and offer the best solution.

With an optimised RMA procedure to provide a service with the utmost urgency and speed and with the availability of spare parts for rapid replacement in the event of breakdown or loss.

We know that our team will always make sure to give you the most suitable and favourable solution on every occasion.

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