Our Quality Standards at Fonestar

More efficient. More respectful with its environment. Better.

We carry out inspections in accordance with the MIL STD 105E standard. We guarantee complete product traceability and unequivocal segregation at all times, recording all the information necessary for the control of each and every batch marketed.

Fonestar’s Environmental Policy: Our Environmental Responsibility

We are totally focused on prevention. Thanks to our powerful computerised company management system, all departments involved in the product and in our services can consult and analyse the information necessary for decision-making in a centralised fashion. The aim is to reduce correction and apply continuous improvement systematically in the pursuit of excellence.

Sustainable innovation at Fonestar: Reducing our environmental footprint

We comply with all current sustainability and environmental regulations. We are members of Ecoembes, Ecopilas and Ecoasimelec and we continuously apply reuse, recycling and environmental impact reduction measures. Our approach is eco-design.

We reuse rainwater to cool the moulding and thermoforming machines.

We replaced all traditional lighting with LEDs and the combustion vehicle fleet with hybrids.

We collect batteries and accumulators from the different processes of the company and private use and recycle them.

We modify processes to reduce the use of paper and reuse cardboard packaging in the logistics department.

We reduce the inks in our designs based on an environmentally friendly style guide.

And we replace protective plastics with cardboard/paper solutions.

We work in “the Fonestar” of the years to come. More efficient. More respectful with its environment. Better.

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