We are your PA technological partner.

We want to share your successes. And we want you to share ours.

The starting point of our strategy is to encourage you to jointly explore new forms of collaboration. Go beyond a “simple” business relationship. To weave a strong partnership. Build on common/shared goals, inspiring us to be more closely aligned, so that we can grow together.

Partnerships in research and development

Achieve our goals together.

We believe that each of our strengths can be the perfect complement so that we can thrive and grow together.

Your experience and knowledge, your strengths and EVERYTHING that sets you apart, makes us a company with BETTER tools to face all challenges together.

We want to be your best ally to:

  1. Join forces in customer acquisition
  2. Jointly develop international markets
  3. Finance commercial projects
  4. Create new products or technologies
  5. Set up joint ventures to work together on large projects for large installations.
  6. And anything else we can think of together

International distribution agreements

We need each other. We need to develop new ideas. We need to broaden the JOINT VISION of our businesses.

These new times we live in are times of collaboration, of joining forces, of promoting alliances.

Aitor Martínez de la Cueva

We are your PA
technological partner

We want to solve all your challenges and problems.

We assist you in all phases of your project. From the choice of the public address solution to commissioning and support. In addition, if you need it, we will train you free of charge in the operation of IP/network technology.

We offer you a comprehensive support service for your public address projects.