Quality and safety care

It allows effective management of communication between the patient and the nursing control via VoIP calls and light alerts. It has been designed with the needs of social and healthcare centres in mind in order to be able to adapt to each one of them.

Economise costs and time to offer the best hospital service.
Benefits all-round:

  • Instant communication with the nursing control unit.
  • Simple and robust call devices located in the rooms and bathrooms.
  • Acoustic and luminous warnings in the central of the room, in the corridors and control stations.
  • Call the control station, or mobile or wireless phones.
  • Generation of patient alert reports.
  • The color of the light outside each room is customizable and can vary depending on the type of call made
  • Task registration via individualized card for each staff member.
  • Efficient management of alerts via touch screen in each room.
  • Resource optimisation, notification of new calls in the room being attended.
  • Detailed report of the tasks performed by each staff member.
  • Intuitive and visual use.

  • Simple installation, only one cable to each element.
  • Compatible with both new and old installations.
  • Quick configuration.
  • Competitive price for all types of installations.
  • Simple and intuitive menus.

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