Public address systems and products

Tailor-made PA solutions. Optimise communication in any area with our PA systems and products.

Are you looking for scalable, reliable and high-quality PA solutions? At Fonestar, we offer a wide range of systems and products to meet the needs of any project, from small to large installations.


AIP – Audio over IP

Simplify, save and expand without limits

Simple zone system

Make sound yours

Digital audio matrix

When sound really matters

Message scheduling

Manages and automates messages with background music

Conference system

The best way to coordinate meetings and conferences

Voice evacuation

The best way to coordinate meetings and conferences

Patient-Nurse System

Quality and safety care

Discover the perfect PA solution for your project.

Why should you choose our PA solutions?

For adaptability:
We have solutions for various sectors: education, retail, industry, health, transport, security and much more.

Cutting-edge technology:
Our systems integrate the latest audio technologies, guaranteeing exceptional sound quality, intelligibility and power.

Our public address solutions are modular and adaptable, allowing you to expand or modify them to meet your project’s demands.

For its reliability:
We manufacture to the highest quality standards, guaranteeing continuous, non-stop operation..

For cost-effectiveness:
We offer solutions at competitive prices, optimising your investment and providing you with a high return.

For our broad range of PA products:
You will find everything you need in one place: amplifiers, loudspeakers, microphones, mixers, audio matrices, control software and much more.

For our experience:
We have extensive experience in the sector, backed by more than 75 years of customer satisfaction

For our technical support:
We offer you personalised advice and specialised technical support throughout the entire process.

We are your PA
technological partner

We want to solve all your challenges and problems.

We assist you in all phases of your project. From the choice of the public address solution to commissioning and support. In addition, if you need it, we will train you free of charge in the operation of IP/network technology.

We offer you a comprehensive support service for your public address projects.