Connecting audio to the world

Today’s hyper-connected landscape presents many challenges on an ongoing basis.
We are experts in getting public address to integrate and solve the challenges of connecting to all devices.

Together we make a great team, with great projects.

1. For public address installers

Implementing audio over IP brings you new business opportunities:

It offers more features and easier installation.

You can connect the sound system to all types of
installations: security cameras, air conditioning, alarms, boilers, etc.

2. For IT service companies

Achieve a higher level of profitability in your facilities by completing it with public address.

Integration with your usual services is simple and straightforward.

Reach more potential customers by including public address in your service portfolio

Get access to the most complete range of products in the market.

With a team of professionals who will advice you in the choice of your solutions.

More efficient and cost-effective installations with a higher level of guarantee.

The world around us changes us. The context is the signal. And it is now that everything is accelerating. Our commitment to our customers’ objectives has always been first and foremost and that’s why we want to help you with your public address installations with the latest market trends.

We believe that audio over IP is the present and future of public address:

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