AIP-Audio over IP system is for you if…


You need to modernise your facility for better management

(refurbishment or new installations)
Either because you need to upgrade your analogue public address system to add control and management functionalities, or because you need to expand the areas and environments which need sound coverage.


You want to leverage the existing network for a new installation

For wired or wireless networks
Save on cabling costs ; and even reuse some of the devices, which can be implemented in LAN or VLAN networks.


You want configuration flexibility with quick and easy set-up

Integrate multiple applications and different audio sources, with the possibility of independent control per zone or group of zones. Sources of background music and scheduled messages, events, voice and SIP compatibility.


Need to scale the installation as your needs grow

Unlimited channels and zones
You can add as many system elements as you want to expand the covered areas. When a new device is connected, the software automatically detects it with ease.


The extension of the area to be covered with public address is large

(or divided into several buildings)
The high efficiency of the system allows a very low consumption of network resources requiring only one network connection point.


You want real-time monitoring of all equipment

Know the status of the devices at all times via remote control.


You need to integrate the public address system with all the systems already installed

Integrate audio into your security system, lighting system or the opening and/or closing of doors and windows. With the guarantee of a perfect coexistence with other network devices.


You are looking for software where the licence cost is zero

The configuration and control software as well as its associated updates, have no additional cost.

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