The road to AIP-Audio over IP

Connecting audio to the world.

Connecting audio to the world.

The perfect communication ecosystem to connect your installations with all kinds of devices.

The world around us changes us. The context is the sign. And it is now that everything is accelerating. Our commitment to our customers’ objectives has always been first and foremost and that’s why we want to help you with your public address installations with the latest market trends.

We believe that audio over IP is the present and future of public address:

  • LAN integration
    Shared networks, TCP/IP protocols, modular systems, plug and play, scalability, resource efficiency and cyber security.
  • Its multiple applications
    Integration of different sources of background music and scheduled messages, events, voice and SIP support. With remote control and monitoring of the entire system.
  • The associated savings
    Enables a significant reduction in cabling costs over long distances by using existing cabling.

  • Control and management of the system
    Model the installation according to your needs, with total control over the content of the zones and environments.


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We make easy, what is difficult

Another way of understanding public address.

Our starting point is that everyone should be able to enjoy the performance of our products without hassle or high technical knowledge.

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Raúl Diego

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Este webinar es para ti si…

  1. You are a public address installer.
    Implementing audio over IP brings you new business opportunities. It offers more features and easier installation. You will be able to connect the sound system with all types of installations: security cameras, air conditioning, alarms, boilers, etc.
  2. You are an IT services company or professional.
    1. WITHOUT PUBLIC ADDRESS SERVICES: Achieve a higher level of profitability in your installations by completing it with public address systems. The integration with your usual services is simple and direct. Access a greater number of potential customers by including public address among your portfolio of services.
    2. WITH PUBLIC ADDRESS SERVICES: Gain access to the most complete range of products on the market. With a team of professionals who will advise you on the choice of your solutions. More efficient, more profitable installations with a higher level of guarantee.

Yes, we have set a limit of 50 attendees for each webinar. We want to offer a more tailored and exclusive learning experience for all our participants.

Importantly, we set this limit of attendees to ensure that all participants can effectively follow the event and actively participate.

The event has a 1 hour duration. The programme is structured in four parts of 15 minutes each, although depending on the level of doubts and questions it could be longer.

We will provide you with a means to interact with the hosts in real time. We use an online communication platform, with a chat and Q&A section, which will be available during the webinar.

If you use the live chat, you can type your questions into the chat and the hosts will answer them in real time. If a Q&A section is used, you can type your questions in the section and the hosts will answer them in the final Q&A part of the event.

You can also send us your questions in advance via this email. If you do so, we will answer all your questions during the event.

Of course! Sessions will be recorded and emailed to you at the end of the event for you to watch.

One month after the webinar the recordings will no longer be available.


The all-in-one solution for your public address projects

The all-in-one solution for your public address projects

There are as many ways of doing things as there are colours, but one trend is clear: audio over IP is the way forward. And it’s not us saying it, it’s the evidence. Public address systems based on IP networks is one of the biggest innovations in the industry. In this environment, we believe that simple solutions are the best approach to complex problems and that each project requires its own plan. That’s why we recommend the Audio over IP solution for all types of sectors and spaces. You win, we all win.

  • The ease of installation and the unique features of the audio over IP system make it ideal for new openings or refurbishments of chain shops in small and large retail outlets.

  • Public address over IP is especially recommended for installations where you want to take advantage of the existing data network. Thus, reducing installation costs.

  • One of the main features of audio over IP is that we can cover large distances in the same way as a regular computer network, facilitating control from anywhere in the installation.

Actual results

We generate tangible results for our clients.

We generate tangible results for our clients.

“A wonderful webinar! It helped me expand my knowledge of audio over IP and gave me new ideas for my work. Highly recommended!”

Ana María González

“I am very grateful for this free webinar. It helped me to better understand how audio over IP works and how I can use it in my daily work. Thank you!”

Amina Khan

“This free webinar gave me an overview of how audio over IP works, and I couldn’t be more grateful! The hosts were very clear and straightforward.”

Oliver Müller

“I have never attended a webinar before, but this one was exceptional! The hosts were incredibly informative and friendly. I would definitely attend another webinar of this type without hesitation.”

Diego Castro

“This webinar was very educational and covered all the key aspects of audio over IP. I loved that it was free and for a small group – highly recommended!”

Pedro Gómez

“The webinar was very useful and helped me to better understand how audio over IP works. The hosts were very patient and friendly with all the attendees.”

Amélie Dubois

“Awesome! I loved this webinar. It was easy to understand and very informative. Thank you for providing this free learning opportunity.”

Abdullah Al-Farsi