Evolving, growing and thinking about the future

In a constantly changing world, we work every day to make a difference. With a commitment to sustainability. For a greener and more equitable future.


Waste reduction

Small changes with a big impact. We reduce, reuse and recycle.


Environmental protection

We know that the future is green. We want to protect \”our home\”.


Ethical business practices

Driving ethical progress. Doing the right thing, always.


Every initiative we implement is intertwined with the Sustainable Development Goals. Our determination to promote equality, sustainability and economic growth is a testament to our commitment to a better world. I am proud to lead these efforts and excited about the positive impact we are making locally and globally. Together, we build a more sustainable future for everyone.

Elena Garrido

Factory quality control and environment manager

Elena Garrido
We take care of our employees, we take care of the planet.

Well-being for all

We have a flexible remuneration policy with health insurance

This initiative provides access to essential medical services, promoting prevention, early diagnosis and appropriate treatment of diseases. For all employees and their respective spouses and children who may be interested.

We want to contribute to promoting a healthier working life. It is our commitment to healthcare.

We believe in a world where gender is not defined.

No limits, no barriers

We work from a plan for equal opportunities between women and men

By removing gender-based barriers, we create an environment where all people can contribute fully according to their skills and talents, regardless of their gender. This leads to greater innovation and better overall performance across all departments of the company.

We have a workplace harassment protocol in place to safeguard the dignity of all employees.

This protocol reflects a conscious desire to create a safe and respectful working environment for all people, regardless of gender.

We promote an environment in which everyone can contribute to the best of their ability, without barriers based on stereotypes or prejudices of any kind.

For a world with water for all.

Every drop counts!

Cleaning and maintenance of facilities to reduce the consumption of several thousand litres of water per year from the local network.

Water is a valuable and limited resource, and its indiscriminate use can have severe consequences on the availability of this vital resource. By reusing rainwater for cooling of some machines, it is possible to, reduce dependence on drinking water sources and contribute to the preservation of this essential resource for future generations.

Towards a healthier and more equitable future

Sustainable energy for all

We replaced all traditional luminaires with LED light

It uses 80-90% less energy than light bulbs and halogen lamps.

We are gradually replacing the entire fleet of combustion vehicles with hybrids.

We are committed to sustainable mobility and aim for our entire fleet to be made up exclusively of hybrid or electric cars by 2030.

Self-consumption photovoltaic installation with a nominal surplus of 50 kW.

It has an annual production of 47,264.73 kWh and achieves a self-consumption of 21.28%.

Do you want to know how the installation was done?

Working today on the Fonestar of tomorrow

Great goals can only be achieved through collaboration.

Growing together

We believe in a policy of telecommuting.

We contribute to the promotion of quality jobs by providing everyone with more flexibility and options to balance their work and personal responsibilities. This leads to greater job satisfaction and reduced stress, which in turn positively impacts the mental and physical health of our employees.

Telecommuting also has an impact on reducing traffic congestion and carbon emissions, thus contributing to environmental sustainability. Less commuting means fewer vehicles on the road and therefore a rreduction of our carbon footprint as a company and as citizens.

Ethical, sustainable and environmentally friendly products and services.

Smart consumption, sustainable future

Reducing the use of plastics in packaging

With this action we aim to have a direct impact on reducing plastic pollution. Single-use plastics, especially those that are unnecessary, often end up in landfills or in the natural environment, causing damage to wildlife, water quality and soil.

By eliminating unnecessary plastics in packaging, we reduce the possibility of these materials ending up as waste and pollutants.

We reuse thousands of cardboard boxes annually

By reusing existing master cartons left over from production instead of creating new ones, we reduce the demand for natural resources such as wood used in carton production, thereby reducing deforestation and the ecological footprint.

And by extending the useful life of these boxes, we minimise the amount of waste we generate, also contributing to the reduction of pollution and the accumulation of waste in landfills.

We also reuse thousands of plastic bags every year.

By reusing plastic bags instead of using new bags for the protection of items in shipments, we are decreasing the demand for new bags. This contributes to the reduction of virgin plastic production, which is related to the extraction of fossil resources and the emission of greenhouse gases.

This reuse also minimises the amount of plastic that would eventually end up as waste, thus helping to reduce pollution and damage to ecosystems.

We collect batteries and accumulators for their recycling, both from the different processes of the company, as well as from the private use of our employees.

Batteries contain toxic components and hazardous materials which, if not properly managed, can leach into soil and water, causing pollution and damage to ecosystems. The collection and proper recycling of these batteries reduces the risk of releasing harmful substances into the environment and prevents the accumulation of hazardous waste in landfills.

In addition, this initiative promotes awareness and active participation of all our employees and the community at large.

design by Fonestar

We changed the design of a large part of the coloured product boxes to brown boxes with black printing.

This design change leads to significant savings in terms of inks and solvents used in the printing process. Inks and solvents traditionally used in printing can contain harmful chemicals that affect air and water quality and contribute to pollution. By opting for black on brown backgrounds, the amount of ink required is reduced, thus reducing the environmental impact of these processes.

Small decisions in design and presentation can have a significant impact on reducing the environmental footprint.

We modified the design of the master boxes, reducing the amount of text and adding end-user indications for waste management.

Simplifying the design not only makes the boxes more visually appealing, but also makes them more attractive and reduces the use of ink and printing resources.

In addition, this initiative educates consumers on the importance of proper waste management, highlighting shared responsibility in the consumption chain, and empowering consumers to make more informed and sustainable choices in their day-to-day life.

We replace the inner dies of expanded polyethylene products to MPP.

MPP (moulded pulp package) is a more environmentally friendly and sustainable material as it is made from recycled paper pulp or natural materials, making it biodegradable and compostable. By opting for MPP instead of expanded polyethylene, we reduce the demand for single-use plastics and contribute to the fight against plastic pollution and waste build-up.

We see meetings as opportunities to achieve concrete goals and positive effects inside and outside Fonestar.

Purposeful meetings, impactful outcomes

We use a professional meeting protocol.

The use of a meeting protocol demonstrates a fair and equitable approach to decision-making. By setting clear guidelines on the structure of meetings and the time allocated to each topic, we ensure that all voices are heard and that the views of all participants are respected. This promotes fairness in communication and prevents some opinions from prevailing over others.

By adopting this approach, we contribute to the promotion of peace, equity and efficiency, both internally and in our impact on society at large.

Our commitment: Your satisfaction.

Every challenge a goal. Every step a commitment. From product conception to after-sales service. A certified process that guides all our decisions.