We are your best ally

Specialisation and the capacity to provide added value in each sales process are the fundamental pillars on which our work processes revolve.

Since its inception, Fonestar has always had a strong commitment to both advice and service our customers. More than 40 people with a high level of training and technical knowledge in the public address field are at your disposal to advise you and provide solutions to your problems and needs.

We want to help you meet your company’s challenges. And we know how to do it:

Quick response and immediate product availability are our hallmarks. We bring solutions to all urgent incidences in less than 2H, anywhere in the world.

Sales and engineering teams at your disposal for complete counselling.

We create long-term value based on honest, transparent and reliable relationships.

Both our permanent focus on innovation and the creation of tailor-made solutions allow us to provide solutions clearly differentiated and adapted to each problem.

Thanks to you, we are the benchmark in PA, commercial audio and microphone systems for any type of installation in Spain and Portugal and for the last 10 years in more than 60 countries.

Wherever your company is located, there is a member of the Fonestar sales team available to help you.

Rui Dos Santos


Ntuma Ntamila

Somos tu socio tecnológico

en megafonía

Queremos solucionar todos tus retos y problemas.

Te ayudamos en todas las fases de tu proyecto. Desde la elección de la solución de megafonía hasta la puesta en marcha y su soporte. Además, si lo necesitas, te formamos y capacitamos gratuitamente en el funcionamiento de la tecnología IP/redes.

Te ofrecemos un servicio integral de apoyo en tus proyectos de megafonía.