“On receipt of the material, we carry out a quality control by taking a representative sample of each batch of products”.

A conversation with Elena Garrido
Elena Garrido

Elena is an expert in quality control and continuous improvement. Her commitment to excellence, her problem-solving skills, her ability to lead teams and her customer-oriented approach make her an inspirational person.

Elena recommends…

  • A book: The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair has become my favourite book because of its captivating plot, complex characters, immersive writing style and its ability to address universal themes. It is a literary work that has impacted me both emotionally and intellectually, leaving me with a deep appreciation for Joël Dicker’s skill and talent as a writer.
  • A film: Among my favourite films are The Notebook and Shutter Island. The Notebook allows you to witness the power of true love and its ability to overcome obstacles and Shutter Island has an unsettling plot that gives you a sense of paranoia and confusion. This film challenges you intellectually and invites you to reflect on the perception of reality and the nature of the human mind.
  • A song: I don’t have a favourite song as such, but I really like the songs of Camilo, who is known for his versatile musical style and his ability to fuse different genres such as pop, reggaeton and Latin music. The lyrics of their songs are often emotional and sincere, dealing with themes such as love, life and personal experiences. His lyrics reflect a sense of vulnerability and honesty.
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Hi Elena, tell us something about you…. What is your role at Fonestar?

Hello, my name is Elena Garrido, I am originally from Santander and I am 29 years old.

Four years ago, I started my career at Fonestar as a Quality Control Engineer. Today, I am still in that role, but now I am also responsible for quality assurance in our production plant.

In addition, I have been entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring environmental protection and overseeing all practices associated with this area. It is a role that fills me with satisfaction and commitment, as I believe it is vital to care for our environment and promote sustainability in all our activities.

I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of the organisation and to contribute to Fonestar’s growth and development.

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What do you like most about your job?

What I value most about my position is:

Constant challenges: My job gives me the opportunity to face daily challenges and solve problems related to product quality. This aspect stimulates and motivates me to continuously improve my technical and analytical skills.

Contribution to the company’s success: As the person responsible for quality in the factory, I must ensure that the products meet the quality standards set, which translates into customer satisfaction and a positive brand reputation.

Environmental commitment: Being environmentally responsible allows me to contribute to a key aspect of today’s world: sustainability. Working on responsible practices and implementing environmental actions is very rewarding, as I know that I am helping to protect our environment and minimise the negative impact of our activities.

Teamwork: I collaborate with different departments and teams within the company. This fosters a dynamic and collaborative working environment, where we can exchange knowledge and experiences to achieve better results together.

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What do you think you bring to the company and your colleagues?

As a quality control engineer and environmental manager at Fonestar, I feel that I bring several benefits to both the company and my co-workers:

Experience and expertise: Through my years of experience in the field of engineering and quality control, I can bring a solid set of technical knowledge and specific skills that enable me to carry out my duties effectively.

Continuous improvement: I have a continuous improvement oriented approach. I constantly look for opportunities to optimise existing processes and procedures, with the aim of increasing efficiency and product quality.

Collaboration and teamwork: I recognise the importance of collaboration and teamwork to achieve outstanding results. I strive to foster a positive and collaborative working environment.

Environmental responsibility: As an environmentally responsible person, I promote sustainable practices and environmental protection practices within the company. This not only benefits the environment in which we operate, but also contributes to the positive image and reputation of the organisation.

In short, I bring experience, technical expertise, a continuous improvement mindset, collaborative skills and a responsible approach to the environment. These contributions benefit both the company and my colleagues as we work together to achieve excellence in quality and environmental responsibility.

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How is the quality process of Fonestar products?

Initially, we send the corresponding technical information of the products requested in the orders to our suppliers and to our partner at origin, so that the relevant inspections can be carried out.

These inspections are carried out using a sampling methodology in accordance with MIL STD 105D.

Once the inspections have been completed, we analyse the reports generated, carefully examining the results obtained. In case of satisfactory compliance with the established quality criteria, we give our approval to continue with the process.

Subsequently, on receipt of the material, we carry out a quality control by taking a representative sample of each batch of products. This practice allows us to verify the conformity and quality of the material received, thus safeguarding our standards of excellence.

Importantly, we rigorously follow these procedures with the primary objective of ensuring the delivery of high quality and reliable products to our customers.

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What improvements have been implemented to verify the quality and performance of products?

We have recently achieved ISO 9001 certification. This distinction is the result of our consistent efforts to establish and maintain a robust and effective quality management system throughout our organisation.

During the certification process in compliance with ISO 9001, we carry out calibration and verification of all monitoring and measuring equipment used in our organisation.

In the past, only the most critical equipment was calibrated. However, in order to raise our quality standards and meet the requirements of the ISO standard, we have implemented a more comprehensive approach, ensuring that all monitoring and measuring equipment used in our company is calibrated and verified.

This improvement in our practices allows us to have more accurate and reliable results in all our measurements, thus strengthening our ability to meet the highest quality standards and satisfy our customers’ expectations.

In addition, ISO 9001 promotes a risk-based approach to quality control. This involves identifying and addressing potential risks at all stages of the production process, enabling problems to be anticipated and preventive measures to be taken to avoid failures or defects.

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Why is a sustainable corporate culture important?

A sustainable corporate culture is of vital importance for a number of reasons:

Environmental responsibility: Adopting a sustainable culture demonstrates the company’s commitment to environmental protection. This involves minimising the negative impact of business activities on natural resources, reducing waste generation, promoting the efficient use of energy and water, and taking measures to mitigate climate change. By assuming environmental responsibility, companies contribute to the preservation of the environment for future generations.

Competitive advantage and reputation: Today, consumers are increasingly concerned about the environmental and social impact of companies. A sustainable culture can provide a competitive advantage by differentiating a company and positioning it as a responsible organisation committed to sustainability. This can attract customers, strengthening the company’s reputation and image.

Operational efficiency and cost savings: Adopting sustainable practices, such as reducing resource consumption and optimising processes, can improve a company’s operational efficiency. This can lead to long-term cost reductions, whether through energy savings, efficient waste management or supply chain optimisation.

“By taking environmental responsibility, companies contribute to the preservation of the environment for future generations”.

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What actions has Fonestar taken to become more environmentally sustainable?

At Fonestar we have implemented a number of actions and practices that reflect our commitment to sustainability. Some of these actions include:

Rainwater reuse: We implemented rainwater collection and treatment systems, allowing us to reuse rainwater in various areas of our operations, thus reducing our dependence on conventional water sources and contributing to saving this valuable natural resource.

Replacement of the traditional luminaire with LED lighting: We have carried out a complete renovation of our lighting system, replacing the traditional luminaire with LED technology. This has enabled us to significantly reduce energy consumption and improve lighting efficiency, thus minimising our environmental impact and contributing to energy savings.

Recycling of batteries and cells: Ensuring their correct management and avoiding their inappropriate disposal. This practice contributes to reducing pollution and the negative impact of these elements on the environment.

Reducing the use of paper and cardboard packaging, as well as the use of inks: We are committed to reducing the use of paper and cardboard packaging in our activities, promoting the responsible use of these resources and seeking more sustainable alternatives. In addition, we have adopted practices that minimise the use of inks, thereby reducing waste and reducing our environmental footprint.

Replacement of product protection plastics: We have implemented measures to replace our product protection plastics with more sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives.

Generation of clean and renewable energy through photovoltaic panels: We have installed photovoltaic panels at our facilities, allowing us to generate clean and renewable energy autonomously. This reduces our dependence on conventional energy sources and reduces greenhouse gas emissions, thus contributing to the fight against climate change.

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How do you think the company and its products are improving thanks to the fact that we are members of Ecoembes, Ecopilas and Ecoasimelec?

Ecoembes, Ecopilas and Ecoasimelec are organisations specialised in waste management, particularly in the field of packaging, batteries and electronic equipment respectively. By being part of these organisations, the company has access to resources and expertise in the proper management and recycling of these materials. This contributes to improving the efficiency and accountability of the company’s waste management, reducing its environmental impact.

In addition, these organisations work closely with the competent authorities and promote compliance with rules and regulations related to waste management.

They also promote research and innovation in the design of more sustainable products. By being part of them, the company can access information and guidance on best practices and new technologies that contribute to reducing the environmental impact of its products. This encourages continuous improvement and the incorporation of sustainable aspects into the life cycle of products.

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Do you think that less plastic is being generated lately and more materials are being recycled at Fonestar?

At Fonestar, we are actively implementing measures to reduce the use of plastic as much as possible, with the aim of eliminating plastic that is not absolutely essential to our operations. In addition, we have adopted a policy of using recyclable plastics wherever possible.

Our commitment to sustainability drives us to take concrete actions to minimise the environmental impact of plastic, recognising the challenges it represents for the environment and the importance of its proper management.

We recognise that this is an evolving process and will continue to explore opportunities to improve our plastics practices and strengthen our approach to responsible materials management.

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What has the installation of photovoltaic panels contributed to today?

The installation of photovoltaic panels contributes to clean and renewable energy generation, carbon footprint reduction, energy and cost savings, energy independence and strengthens the company’s corporate responsibility and reputation. It is an investment that promotes sustainability and the transition to a cleaner and more environmentally friendly economy.

Since last month, we have been operating the installation of photovoltaic panels, which has generated significant results in terms of sustainability. During this period, we have achieved a saving of 1.41 tonnes of carbon and avoided the emission of 1.67 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere. These figures are equivalent to the act of planting three trees, showing the positive impact that the installation of PV panels has had on reducing our carbon footprint and mitigating climate change.

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What other changes would you like to make to make Fonestar more and more sustainable?

As Fonestar’s environmental manager, I am pleased to share some ideas for continuing to move towards greater sustainability in our company.

Use of eco-friendly materials: the search for eco-friendly materials in our products and packaging. This would include assessing the provenance of materials, their recyclability and the reduction of materials that have a negative impact on the environment.

Energy efficiency: We could further improve our energy efficiency by implementing more efficient technologies, optimising lighting and air conditioning systems, and promoting energy-saving practices throughout our operations. We could also explore the possibility of using additional renewables, such as wind energy, to further reduce our carbon footprint.

Promoting environmental awareness among employees: We could develop awareness and training programmes for all employees, with the aim of fostering a more sustainable corporate culture.

Collaboration with sustainable suppliers: We could strengthen our partnerships with suppliers who share our sustainability values, prioritising those who offer more environmentally friendly products and services. This would allow us to work together to reduce the environmental impact throughout the supply chain.

These are just a few suggestions for further progress towards greater sustainability at Fonestar. It would be beneficial to conduct a more detailed analysis of our operations and seek the active participation of all members of the company to identify and evaluate further opportunities for improvement. By working together, we can ensure a more sustainable and responsible future for both our company and the environment.