Want to make yourself heard effortlessly and without distortion? Look no further: Fonestar’s portable USB/microSD HIGH VOICE amplifier is the perfect solution.

This powerful device lets you project your voice clearly and effectively, even over long distances. Say goodbye to screaming and straining your vocal cords. With the ALTA-VOZ-30, your message will be transmitted with absolute clarity.

Forget restrictive cables and enjoy freedom of movement. The wireless microphone included in the ALTA-VOZ-W30 amplifier allows you to move freely, interacting with your audience without limitations.

Designed with simplicity in mind, the Fonestar ALTA-VOZ is incredibly easy to use. Its compact size and simple controls make it accessible to anyone. Whether you’re a teacher, trainer, speaker, tour guide or sports coach, this amplifier will be your faithful companion.

Built to withstand daily use, the Fonestar Loudspeaker is tough and robust. Made from durable ABS, it’s ready to take on any challenge you may encounter.

Comfort is essential during prolonged use and that’s what you’ll find in this portable amplifier. Its ergonomic design ensures a comfortable hold, while the included clip, waist strap and carry bag offer comfort and ease of transport.

With a long-lasting rechargeable battery, you can rely on ALTA-VOZ to fulfil your needs. It’s designed to work