Introducing the innovative SONAIR microphone system, designed to take the sound experience to a new level. With a combination of cutting-edge technology and stylish design, SONAIR promises to deliver exceptional audio quality in a variety of applications.

  • Interference-free transmission: Thanks to advanced transmission technology, SONAIR ensures an interference-free connection, guaranteeing uninterrupted and distortion-free sound reproduction. Whether in professional environments, live events or recordings, you will enjoy crisp, clear sound.
  • Dual antenna reception: Enhanced dual antenna reception extends the range and signal stability, ensuring a reliable connection in any situation. Experience freedom of movement without worrying about unexpected signal loss.
  • Great vocal sound: SONAIR excels at reproducing voices with exceptional clarity. Every word, every note, is transmitted with impressive fidelity, creating an immersive and exciting listening experience.
  • Long range: Designed to adapt to different scenarios, SONAIR offers a long range that allows for wide coverage, ideal for events in large spaces or outdoors. Experience freedom of movement without compromising sound quality.
  • Long battery life: With SONAIR, the music never stops. Enjoy long hours of continuous performance thanks to exceptional battery life. Whether it’s long presentations or events that drag on, SONAIR will live up to expectations.
  • Multiple options available: SONAIR offers versatility with multiple options to choose from. From handheld microphones that provide comfort and direct control, to beltpack microphones that offer freedom of movement, or even a combination of both to suit your specific needs.

Discover a new dimension of sound with SONAIR. From powerful presentations to unforgettable musical moments, this microphone system is designed to excel in any situation. With SONAIR, aural excellence is at your fingertips.