A sound innovation for professionals

In the world of sound and public address, the search for versatile, easy-to-install and reliable solutions is constant. In response to this need, we are proud to introduce the SKY family of loudspeakers, a series designed in direct collaboration with our customers, transforming their valuable feedback into a range of exceptional products.

Flexibility of use

SKY loudspeakers offer exceptional adaptability in a variety of situations. Whether in commercial spaces, educational institutions or public facilities, these loudspeakers are perfectly adapted to the specific needs of each project.

Flexibility and durability

The SKY family guarantees long-term reliability and durability. With features such as IP protection, anti-corrosion grilles and advanced technology, these loudspeakers are designed to withstand the most demanding conditions and ensure optimal ageing, providing a reliable sound solution over time.

Different configuration options

SKY loudspeakers are available in versions with or without transformer, and with or without Dome, allowing users to choose the option that best suits their specific installation and sound performance needs.

Why choose the SKY Family?

The SKY series sets a new standard in ceiling loudspeakers, combining sound quality with elegant and functional design. For public address installers and sound professionals, this innovative series represents a comprehensive solution that meets the demands of any project.

In Conclusion. Unlimited sound with the SKY series

Discover how Fonestar’s SKY family can take your sound project to the next level – take this opportunity to enhance your customers’ listening experience and ensure exceptional results in every installation!


The entire 6” range of the SKY loudspeaker family is now AVAILABLE. Click on them to know more about them: