Amplify your voice: ALTA-VOZ-W30


Do you want your voice to be heard without effort or distortion? Look no further, because Fonestar's ALTA-VOICE portable USB/microSD amplifier is the perfect solution.

Amplify your voice: ALTA-VOZ-W302023-11-22T15:03:07+01:00

Improve the audio of your online chats


Do you know that feeling of having everything ready for an online talk or a stream? You have prepared your speech thoroughly, your work area is in order and everything is ready to start the presentation. But suddenly, when the moment of truth arrives, you realise that they can't hear you properly: you can't be understood, your audio is mixed with the echo of the room and some of the attendees can't even hear you. What a nightmare...

Improve the audio of your online chats2023-01-04T13:10:10+01:00



Are you thinking of adding a simple and quality sound system to your small business but you are not sure how to do it or what you need? Don't worry! At Fonestar we always think of you, that's why we have created the KS WALL sound kit. An all-in-one kit created specifically for the occasion.

New KS WALL Sound KIT2022-11-13T19:39:37+01:00
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