Do you know that feeling of having everything ready for an online talk or a stream? You have prepared your speech thoroughly, your work area is in order and everything is ready to start the presentation. But suddenly, when the moment of truth arrives, you realise that they can’t hear you properly: you can’t be understood, your audio is mixed with the echo of the room and some of the attendees can’t even hear you. What a nightmare…

Luckily at Fonestar we bring you the solution! Introducing WI-MIC, a UHF wireless beltpack microphone perfect for voice streaming, videoconferencing, lectures or online teaching.

This headworn and clip-on microphone with electret condenser capsule delivers a crystal-clear sound.

It features a USB receiver and an additional audio output for monitoring or amplification. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac.

The Plug and play option allows you to capture your voice on your PC without the need for drivers and makes installation quick and easy.

Its ultra-compact size, portable and without the need for external supply, makes it easy to carry out lectures, video conferences and online teaching, anywhere.

Get your WI-MIC now and forget about streaming problems.