Optimal sound in the most difficult spaces.

Etymologically, the Spanish term re-cordar (in English, remember) means to bring back to the heart. For our ancestors, memory was not just a cerebral archive, but a visceral experience. The “cor”, the heart in Latin, not only pumped blood, but also housed emotions, ideas and memories.

Today, where the mind seems to reign over the heart, Plato’s anamnesis becomes even more relevant. Reminiscing, re-membering in a religious context, is an essential act to retrieve the wisdom that dwells within us. And acoustic experience plays a crucial role in this journey.

Optimal sound in a worship centre is essential to:

  • Ensure the clarity of the liturgy: The priest’s words, prayers and readings should be intelligible to all present, regardless of their location in the worship centre.
  • Enhance the musical experience: The choir’s singing and instrumental music should envelop the audience and transport them to a space of recollection and contemplation.
  • Create a welcoming atmosphere: Background music, when there is no liturgy, can help to create a space of peace and harmony, conducive to individual prayer or meditation.

Small acts add up and, over time, eventually outweigh grandiloquent words.

At Fonestar we are here. When we are needed. To remind us that every centre of worship is unique. With its architecture. With its dimensions. With its liturgical style.

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Academy #36 — Optimal sound in the most difficult spaces.

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