Hermitage of La Sang

Sagunto, Spain

The Hermitage of La Sang, a jewel of 17th century Valencian Baroque, stands imposingly in a small square between the streets Nueva Sangre and del Castillo, holding the title of the largest hermitage in the city of Sagunto. Built shortly after the expulsion of the Jews, it houses the headquarters of the Brotherhood of the Purísima Sangre, guarding a rich heritage that is exhibited in its museum on the ground floor. The chapel becomes a heavenly canvas thanks to the frescoes on the dome, the work of the painter José Vergara, which masterfully narrate scenes from the Passion of Christ. It is no coincidence that most of the events of Holy Week in Sagunto originate here, making it a focal point of faith and tradition.

The sound project for the Hermitage of La Sang went beyond mere sound amplification. It succeeded in creating an optimal acoustic space to encourage prayer, reflection and enrich the spiritual life of the entire Christian community.

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Better acoustics for prayer

Type of project: Installation update

Installation size: Small

No. of zones:

  • The presbytery
  • The choir
  • The congregation

Clarity and clarity for every word

The place where sound becomes prayer

Sonorización de la Ermita de la Sang
Public address systems for chapels, churches and cathedrals

The installation of a public address system in churches plays an essential role in the accurate communication of religious messages, relevant announcements and music during liturgical services.

This system not only improves the quality of the experience for all members of the congregation, but also promotes greater participation and understanding by the faithful.

The flexibility offered by this system allows the volume and sound content to be adjusted according to the specific needs of each religious event, whether it is an everyday event, a community service or a special ceremony.

It also facilitates the dissemination of church events and programmes, thus strengthening the ties between the community and the religious centre.

Sonorización de la Ermita de la Sang
Sonorización de la Ermita de la Sang
Sonorización de la Ermita de la Sang
Main project solutions

Make sound yours.

Clarity and clarity of sound

The public address system is used to make important announcements, give instructions during services and communicate the Word of God to parishioners clearly and effectively.

Uniform coverage in all spaces

The public address system improved the sound quality of live music, choirs and other religious performances, contributing to a more enjoyable and moving experience for attendees.

Ease of use

Our system is intuitive and easy to use for church staff. It allows volume control, audio source selection and configuration of different zones from a central panel.

Versatility and adaptability

Different types of microphones, musical instruments and audio-visual equipment can be connected. In addition, it is possible to record and play back sermons, religious songs and other events.

Reliability and durability

Our equipment is of high quality and performance, with a long service life and low maintenance.

Improving the clarity of sound in the church allows for better understanding of sermons and music, creating a more immersive and participatory environment. It also facilitates communication during events and ceremonies, strengthening the religious community.

Roberto Tarazona

Sales Coordinator

Roberto Tarazona


Digital addressable sound column

A sound column with configurable directivity designed to focus sound in the listening area to improve speech intelligibility in speech and background music applications in rooms with high reverberation.


USB/SD/FM/FM player/Recorder

Player, recorder and mixer in a single device. Multitude of playback options and audio inputs/outputs, making it very versatile and adaptable to any installation.


2-channel UHF wireless microphone system

It offers a highly intelligible sound and ensures clear, distortion-free voice transmission, with a compact design and intuitive and simple operation. It has 32 selectable channels from 512 to 525 MHz, with auto scan function and channel transmission to the microphone via IR.


Exponential loudspeaker with line transformer 100 V

Loudspeaker with 100 V line transformer, which facilitates connection in installations with long cable runs and many loudspeakers. The ABS diffuser and aluminium bracket offer a high resistance to aggressive environments.


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