Parish Church of Santa Baia de Oza

A Coruña, Spain

In the heart of the Galician parish of Santa Baia de Oza, in the municipality of Teo, stands the majestic parish church of Santa Baia. A building that, with its imposing presence, invites us to take a journey through time, travelling through centuries of history and discovering a rich cultural heritage. Its construction, which dates back to the 16th century, is based on the foundations of an ancient Romanesque building, of which vestiges such as the main doorway and the apse window still remain.

The parish church of Santa Baia de Oza is not only a place of worship, but also a symbol of the parish’s cultural identity. It is a place of meeting and social cohesion, where festivities and pilgrimages are held throughout the year, the most popular being that of Santa Baia in August.

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Listen to the difference.

Type of project: Installation update

Installation size: Small

No. of zones:

  • The presbytery
  • The choir
  • The congregation

Improved acoustics.

Clarity. Clarity. Loudness.

Fonestar megafonía en Iglesia de Oza
Public address system for churches

The importance of a PA system for churches lies in significantly improving the quality of the spiritual and communicative experience during church services and special events. Every word and note must resonate with clarity and devotion.

With total clarity in communication. Crucial for the effective transmission of messages, teachings and reflections.

With perfect acoustic inclusivity, by evenly distributing sound to all corners of the church.

When all can clearly hear the readings, prayers and songs, an atmosphere of unity and shared devotion is created.

Fonestar megafonía en Iglesia de Oza
Fonestar megafonía en Iglesia de Oza
fonestar-iglesia de Oza
Main project solutions

Make sound yours.

Uniform sound distribution

One of the aims of the project was to ensure that every corner of the church would resonate with the same clarity, bringing liturgical voices and sacred music to every parishioner.

Reverberation reduction system

Improved acoustics have transformed the atmosphere of the church, creating a spiritually immersive environment, ensuring that every word spoken during the liturgy is clearly perceived.

Strategically placed speakers

Every corner of the church receives optimal sound distribution, ensuring that every word and melody resonates with the utmost perfection, guaranteeing uniform coverage throughout the worship centre.

Background music system

A harmonious accompaniment with background music was set up to create a welcoming and serene atmosphere that enhances the experience for all attendees.

Flexible control

The ability to adjust the volume and tailor the settings according to the specific needs of the moment provides complete flexibility to customise the sound experience of the worship centre.

Sound clarity during the liturgy was a challenge, especially for those parishioners furthest away from the pulpit. The installation modernisation project provided exceptional clarity in the transmission of the message, reaching all corners of the worship centre.


Sales Manager

Marcos Rilo


Sound column with 100 V line transformer

The configuration of its loudspeakers achieves the concentration of the sound in the target audience area. It avoids the production of feedback and therefore increases the amplification capacity of the sound system.


Single-zone public address amplifier

PA amplifier with USB/SD player. Selector of 3 auxiliary inputs and microphones with selectable priority. Different musical warning and alarm tones. Output for priority on 24 V attenuators.


Table-top unidirectional condenser microphone

Voice pick-up with high clarity and extra length. Desktop base with low-cut filter/flat response.


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