Marbella Elix is a unique luxury hotel near Parga, on the beautiful Ionian coast of Greece. A destination where the mountains meet the ocean and the crystal clear landscapes offer a rare glimpse of an unspoilt, film-like world.

In this environment of relaxation, wellness and entertainment the biggest challenge for Fonestar was to design a PA and sound installation that would have the least visual impact and the greatest sensory experience along with the surroundings.

The Fonestar project team designed a networked audio system with proprietary technology to cover all indoor and outdoor areas of the Elix Marbella Hotel. The versatile SONORA series of outdoor loudspeakers were used for their high power, elegant design and weather resistance. The GAT loudspeakers were also used for their minimal visual impact indoors and the TDO range as an invisible element of the installation, all powered by MPX network amplifiers. The great versatility provided by these amplifier models in installations of any size and their modularity in the selection of music in each area of the hotel were the main reasons for their choice.

The hotel’s needs were completed with the management of a source of voice announcements and pre-recorded messages for which Fonestar’s AIP system was used with its renewed ZSM-1050 message model for its simple and personalised control.

A “luxury” challenge in an incomparable environment where Fonestar proposed a solution that not only offers and provides high quality sound but also integrates with the exclusive design of the resort.

Fonestar is the reference company in public address, sound and microphones for any type of installation in Spain and Portugal and for 10 years in more than 60 countries. We manufacture and develop new product ranges with exclusive designs and innovative solutions which are then professionally installed by our trusted partners.