Audio matrix


Audio matrix with 8 analogue input channels to 8 output zones and 4 configurable digital channels. Music source selection, volume and equalisation control for each zone with PC software or via the optional zone controls mod. MPX-420V or MPX-430VS. Priority paging through microphone with zone selector model MPX-400MIC. DSP function in inputs and outputs with priority control and feedback suppressor. A highly versatile system which is suitable for installations of any size, allowing music to be selected in each zone. Perfect for commercial installations, hotels with conference rooms, etc.
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Audio matrix with 8 analogue input channels to 8 output zones.
4 configurable input/output digital channels for use with controls mod. MPX-400MIC, MPX-410ES, MPX-430VS.
Optional zone controls, mod. MPX-420V and MPX-430VS for program selection in the zone where the program is broadcast.
PC control software.
LED indicators for power, bus occupation, signal and failure.
LCD information display.
Microphone with priority and optional zone selection mod. MPX-400MIC.
DANTE compatible.


8 balanced line, euroblock 6,800 Ω, 7.74 Vrms maximum
2 RD ports, for mod. MPX-400MIC, MPX-410ES, MPX-420V, MPX-430VS, MPX-440X o MPX-460P, RJ-45
1 RC-Net port for matrix interconnection, RJ-45 
1 LAN port for connection to local area network, RJ-45


8 balanced lines, euroblock 240 Ω, 7.74 Vrms maximum
2 RD ports, for mod. MPX-420V, MPX-430VS, MPX-410ES, MPX-400MIC or MPX-440X, RJ-45
1 extension link, RC-Net, RJ-45
RS-232 port, euroblock


PC control software (input and output routing, DSP functions, equalization, noise gates, compressor, gain control, etc.)
TCP/IP and RS-232 protocol for integration with other systems


20-20,000 Hz ±1.5 dB


Harmonic: < 0.01%


Microphone > 102 dB
Lines > 107 dB


48 V in inputs 1 to 8, selectable with software


Microphone with optional zone selector mod. MPX-400MIC
Inputs 1 to 8 through level, selectable with software


100-240 V AC, 80 W


483 x 44 x 256 mm depth. 1 U 19" rack


3.9 kg


MPX-400MIC: Microphone with zone selector
MPX-410ES: Audio input/output control
MPX-420V: Zone control 
MPX-430VS: Zone control with stereo output
MPX-440X: RD port extender
MPX-450D: DANTE Module
MPX-460P: Touch screen control
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