New product: MIXPLAY-1. Your all-in-one audio centre.


The MIXPLAY-1 is a real game changer for sound system installers and audio professionals. This state-of-the-art device seamlessly combines the functionality of a Bluetooth®/USB/FM player, a recorder and a mixing console. Let's explore why the MIXPLAY-1 deserves a place in your audio arsenal.

New product: MIXPLAY-1. Your all-in-one audio centre.2024-02-20T10:42:58+01:00



Are you thinking of adding a simple and quality sound system to your small business but you are not sure how to do it or what you need? Don't worry! At Fonestar we always think of you, that's why we have created the KS WALL sound kit. An all-in-one kit created specifically for the occasion.

New KS WALL Sound KIT2022-11-13T19:39:37+01:00

Introducing the new window intercom: INTERFON-V


At Fonestar we are constantly innovating and thinking of new ideas and projects for our customers. That's why we are starting October with great enthusiasm and... with a new product: the INTERFON-V. This is an intercom that [...]

Introducing the new window intercom: INTERFON-V2023-01-04T09:17:18+01:00
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