New: SKY 6’’ speakers Family


SKY family of loudspeakers, a series designed in direct collaboration with our customers, transforming their valuable feedback into a range of exceptional products.

New: SKY 6’’ speakers Family2024-04-14T14:19:07+02:00

New product: SONORA-8. Innovation in sound reinforcement


The SONORA series of loudspeakers is designed to offer exceptional acoustic performance. In this case we extend the family with the SONORA-8, a loudspeaker that combines state-of-the-art technology and high-quality materials. Frequency response from 60 Hz to 20,000 Hz, sensitivity of 87 dB, and equipped with an 8'' woofer and a 1'' tweeter, these speakers guarantee clear, distortion-free sound quality.

New product: SONORA-8. Innovation in sound reinforcement2024-03-17T14:51:41+01:00

New product: MIXPLAY-1. Your all-in-one audio centre.


The MIXPLAY-1 is a real game changer for sound system installers and audio professionals. This state-of-the-art device seamlessly combines the functionality of a Bluetooth®/USB/FM player, a recorder and a mixing console. Let's explore why the MIXPLAY-1 deserves a place in your audio arsenal.

New product: MIXPLAY-1. Your all-in-one audio centre.2024-02-20T10:42:58+01:00

We update our MOUNTS catalogue


At Fonestar, we are always committed to innovation and excellence in audio products and technology. Today, we present to you the update of our mounts catalogue.

We update our MOUNTS catalogue2023-12-12T12:48:26+01:00
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