In the healthcare sector, effective communication between patients and healthcare staff is essential to ensure quality care. Patient-nurse call systems play a crucial role in this area, facilitating communication and improving the efficiency of care.

For this reason, Fonestar, a leading company in communication technologies, presents ASSIST, an innovative and versatile patient-nurse call system that adapts to the specific needs of hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and day centres.

Why choose the ASSIST patient-nurse call system?

Innovative and versatile technology

  • Wireless system: The ASSIST patient-nurse call system is based on state-of-the-art wireless technology, which makes it easy to install and avoids the need for wiring, ideal for refurbishments or new constructions.
  • Flexibility and scalability: The patient-nurse call system adapts to the specific needs of each centre, allowing the configuration to be easily expanded or modified according to the needs of each floor, wing or room.
  • Integration with other systems: The ASSIST patient-nurse call system integrates with other public address, IP telephony and access control systems, centralising the management of communications on a single platform.

Increased efficiency in patient care

  • Reduced response time: The patient-nurse call system enables immediate attention to patient needs, improving patient satisfaction and well-being. ASSIST allows patients to call the nurse at the touch of a button, significantly reducing waiting times.
  • Optimising the work of healthcare staff: The ASSIST patient-nurse call system frees healthcare staff from repetitive tasks such as answering calls or searching for patients requesting help. This allows them to spend more time on direct patient care, improving service quality and work efficiency.
  • Call prioritisation: The patient-nurse call system can be configured to prioritise calls according to urgency, ensuring that patients with the greatest need receive immediate attention.
  • Clear, instant and secure communication: The patient-nurse call system provides high quality two-way communication, enabling healthcare staff to identify and respond to patient needs accurately.

Improved security and control

  • Personalised care: The ASSIST patient-nurse call system allows healthcare staff to identify the patient making the call and their exact location, facilitating more accurate and personalised care.
  • Call and event logging: The ASSIST patient-nurse call system records all calls and events in the system, including date, time, patient location and call type, making it easier to track and evaluate the quality of service for improvement.
  • Fall and accident prevention: The patient-nurse call system can incorporate bed sensors that alert healthcare staff if a patient gets out of bed unassisted, reducing the risk of falls and injuries.

Simple and intuitive for both patients and staff

  • Easy to use: The patient-nurse call system‘s push buttons and terminals are intuitive and easy to use for patients and staff, even for people with reduced mobility or cognitive difficulties.
  • Customisable: The patient-nurse call system can be customised with messages and prompts specific to each facility or area.
  • Minimal maintenance: The ASSIST patient-nurse call system requires minimal maintenance, reducing operating costs.

Increased patient and staff satisfaction

  • Greater peace of mind for patients: The ability to call the nurse immediately gives patients a greater sense of security and peace of mind.
  • Improved quality of service: The efficiency and speed of patient care, together with increased safety and satisfaction, translates into an overall improvement in the quality of service.


Fonestar’s ASSIST patient-nurse call system represents a comprehensive, innovative and efficient solution to optimise communication in healthcare centres. Its advanced technology, flexibility and ease of use make it the best option for improving patient care, safety and efficiency in the healthcare sector.

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