Villages in the north of Cáceres

Extremadura, Spain

The north of Cáceres is a region with a rich history and culture, but also with its own challenges of communication and security between its diverse peoples.

Thanks to the installation of an audio over IP system, this project provides the villages in the north of Cáceres with unparalleled security coverage, enabling a rapid and effective response in the event of emergencies.

When an incident occurs, crucial information can be sent in real time over the PA system, enabling law enforcement agencies to take swift and effective action. Whether it’s a fire, a traffic accident or any other emergency situation, the audio over IP system ensures that the everyone is prepared for any unforeseen event.

In addition, the system also allows the broadcasting of all kinds of institutional information messages. A communication channel from the city council to all citizens. Local banners, festival programmes, specific or periodic announcements, announcements of events, etc… A fast and direct information channel.


Every second counts in an emergency.

Project type: New installation

Installation size: Medium

System used: AIP – Audio over IP

Residents now feel safer and more connected, knowing they have access to important information and a support network in case of emergencies.

In case of emergency,

speed of information is the key

AIP – Audio over IP

The system uses the existing data network in the different villages to transmit emergency messages and security alerts. The loudspeakers are connected through this network and can be remotely controlled and monitored through central control equipment.

AIP-Audio over IP is the perfect communication ecosystem to connect your facilities with all kinds of devices.

Main project solutions

Make sound yours

Increased public safety

The installation of loudspeakers in key areas will allow the broadcasting of emergency messages and security alerts in real time, contributing to increased safety for all citizens.

Public address system scalability

The Audio over IP system allows the addition of new loudspeakers and control devices without the need to reconfigure the entire installation, making it easy to expand the system at any time.

Cost reduction

The use of the existing data network for the transmission of audio signals reduces the need for physical cabling, which significantly reduced installation costs and future maintenance.

Flexibility in loudspeaker layout

The loudspeakers could be placed in more strategic and hard-to-reach locations, allowing for better coverage in complex areas.

Remote control of the public address system with real-time monitoring

The AIP-Audio over IP system allows the control and monitoring of loudspeakers and other devices, which facilitates the management and maintenance of the system and is ideal for public safety and public address installations in general.

Knowing that the loudspeakers can broadcast security alerts in real time gives everyone a great deal of peace of mind and confidence. In addition, the speed with which information is disseminated in the event of an emergency is impressive.


Sales Manager


IP audio receiver and SIP client.

Allows streaming audio reception via multicast through local area network (LAN). Audio channel selection and configuration via PC, with general purpose isolated inputs and outputs and possibility of receiving SIP calls.


Single-zone PA amplifier

Distributed audio for PA installations with 100 V loudspeakers, also with low impedance output. User-friendly operation and a modern, unobtrusive design.


Audio over IP Transmitter

Audio transmission over the local area network (LAN). Converts analogue audio from external equipment into audio streams for distribution to the AIP system.
Incorporates 1 input for activation of events by closing or opening contacts.


Horn speakers

Horn speakers, made of aluminium. With excellent frequency response for speech applications.


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