Two years ago, Fonestar asked ourselves a question that led to the development of the SONORA project: What would happen if instead of having multiple loudspeakers for each specific solution, we created a single family that would allow us to cover all installations with the same design? After a long development process, we managed to produce the most complete professional series of surface loudspeakers on the market.

We started this journey by analysing all the needs of our customers and users in order to focus our efforts on solving them with a common design. The SONORA series consists of 4″, 5″ and 6″ passive versions which, due to their high power, allow them to fit in all types of spaces. We have also developed 5″ active versions (Basic, Wi-Fi and IP Control with PoE power supply).

Accommodating all this diversity of solutions in a single structure was a design thinking challenge. Especially because one of the requirements of the project was to achieve a simple and minimalist appearance that would allow the loudspeaker to be installed in the most architecturally demanding spaces.

Today we can announce that Auna Distribution has nominated us for best product of the year and best designed product. And we are very happy that the effort and innovation in product is recognised independently of the award. Because for us the greatest prize is the reception of the SONORA series in all your projects.


I want to vote the SONORA series as the best product of the year