We have been asking ourselves the same question for a long time. Every year. It is a recurring axiom. Like Sisyphus, king of ancient Greece, at the end of the academic year we push our ideas to the top of our knowledge only to see them materialise in public address systems.

Hard work that must be done over and over again in the pursuit of continuous improvement and which, as you know, is part of our DNA.

In this sector we can proudly say that we are experts. That we know how to solve all the communication and security problems that arise. That 75 years and thousands of projects endorse us. That we are leaders in communication technology. And that nothing changes if we don’t change, and nothing improves if we don’t try to improve.

For all these reasons, we have renewed our catalogue of public address solutions for education.

And above all, to facilitate the teaching and learning process as a vital process to reinforce the academic success of our children.

We help to overcome all barriers and support students’ academic development with the right safety, communication and ambience. And ALWAYS with the best selection of student-oriented sound products.

Thank you for trusting us, thank you for trusting Fonestar.