We are Fonestar

From Fonestar we want, now more than ever, to help all our customers, partners and collaborators to achieve all the challenges they set themselves. To bad weather, always a good face.

We are your best ally and we want to prove it to you with a battery of actions designed by and for you. Because your support is our energy.

One of those actions is this newsletter you are reading right now. We inaugurate with this mail our monthly informative publication
Fonestar Academy,
where we select the most relevant contents about our sector in the last month, put them in context and send them to you by email.

1 shipment per month. 12 Newsletter per year. 0% spam. 100% useful content.

We want you to be always well informed to make the best decisions for your business and to know us better and better. An ambitious goal that responds to our brand values.

We want to share your successes. And that you share ours.

Academy #1 – We are Fonestar

In this issue you will also find…

Fonestar novelties

  • We are Fonestar
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  • News

Featured product

  • How to pair the BRX-3033 bluetooth audio receiver?

Fonestar observatory

And much more…

  • Goodbye to the school bell? More and more schools stop using it as “aggressive” and “unnecessary”.
  • Safety in Hospitals, central theme of Cuadernos de Seguridad
  • The role of intelligent buildings in the development of smart cities
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