RCD Espanyol Hub

Barcelona, Spain

The RCD Espanyol Hub is an innovative space located in the heart of Barcelona. It was inaugurated at the end of 2023, and is a meeting point for RCD Espanyol fans, as well as for anyone interested in sport, technology and video games. It is a place where fans can feel at home, a place where they can experience the passion for RCD Espanyol and connect with other fans.

The public address system has been carefully designed to adapt perfectly to the architecture and the needs of the different spaces. Strategically distributed state-of-the-art loudspeakers ensure uniform sound coverage, while an intelligent control system allows volume and equalisation to be adjusted according to each event.

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A hymn, a passion

Type of project: New installation

Installation size: Medium

System used: Simple zone system

No. of zones:

  • Official club shop
  • Member Service Point
  • eSports area
  • Events Agora

A space where passion

is lived with all the senses

Hub RCD Espanyol - megafonía Fonestar
A multifunctional space with a sound to match.

Since its inauguration, the RCDE Hub PA project has been a resounding success. Fans and event organisers alike have praised the quality of the sound and its ability to create a unique atmosphere on every occasion.

Whether during an eSports match, a chat with a first team player or a live concert, the RCDE Hub offers an unbeatable acoustic experience. The PA system adapts to the needs of each activity, guaranteeing perfect intelligibility and faithful sound reproduction.

Hub RCD Espanyol - megafonía Fonestar
Hub RCD Espanyol - megafonía Fonestar
Hub RCD Espanyol - megafonía Fonestar
Main project solutions

Make sound yours.

A perfect acoustic system

The space is irregularly shaped and divided into several sections, which made it difficult to distribute the sound evenly. In addition, the construction materials of the space affected the sound quality, for example by absorbing or reflecting sound waves at times. By strategically placing the loudspeakers, these common challenges were overcome and an acoustically perfect environment was created.

Maximum flexibility

The public address system was designed to be flexible and adaptable to the different needs of the space. Amplifiers with multiple inputs and outputs were used, as well as a volume control system that allows the sound level to be adjusted according to the activity taking place.

The best sound quality

High-quality loudspeakers capable of reproducing clear and crisp sound, even in environments with a lot of ambient noise, were used. Speakers with a wide frequency response and high sensitivity were selected.

With a design adapted to the space

At all times, the aesthetics of the space were taken into account. Speakers and amplifiers were used with a discreet and elegant design that blended in perfectly with the decor of the RCDE Hub.

Ease of use

The public address system was designed to be easy to use for both RCDE Hub staff and event organisers.

The main challenge of this project was the complexity of the space. Many factors had to be taken into account, such as the size of the space, the layout of the rooms and the type of activities that would take place in each room. We designed a custom PA system that used a combination of ceiling speakers, in-wall speakers and subwoofers.


Sales Manager

Marcos Abad


Subwoofer ceiling speaker

Perfect for bass reinforcement in installations with musical ambience. It provides great power with deep bass. Body made of ABS and steel grille that guarantees its integrity.


Multizone public address amplifier

Versatile and complete equipment that integrates all the necessary elements of a professional sound installation: microphone and line inputs, auxiliary input, USB/SD recorder/player, mixer and amplifier.


Premium extra slim fixed TV wall mount

Provides a sturdy and secure fastening. Optimises space and brings a new aesthetic to your home or business. Extra-flat design to reduce the distance from the TV to the wall.


Surface loudspeaker with 100 V line transformer and low impedance

Its excellent finish and elegant design allow a perfect integration in any space. In addition, it provides great sound quality, defined and distortion-free.


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