Swimming pools, both public and private, are spaces where clear and efficient communication is crucial to ensure the safety and enjoyment of attendees. A suitable public address system allows you to broadcast warning messages, instructions, background music and even make calls to lifeguards or security personnel.

A public address system for swimming pools must meet certain specific characteristics in order to provide optimum performance in this type of environment.

Steps to choosing the right public address system for a swimming pool

Consider the size and type of pool

The first step in choosing a pool PA system is to determine the size and type of pool to be loudspeakerised. This will indicate the required power of the system, as well as the number and location of the loudspeakers.

Pool sizes

It is recommended to calculate the power required according to the square metres to be covered, taking into account factors such as ceiling height and the presence of obstacles.

  • Small pools: For small pools, a compact public address system with low power speakers may be sufficient.
  • Medium-sized pools: For medium-sized pools, a public address system with higher power and speakers strategically distributed around the pool is recommended.
  • Large pools: For large pools, a high power public address system with weather and moisture resistant speakers is required.

Types of swimming pools

  • Indoor pool: In this case, a moisture-resistant public address system with high sound intelligibility is required to ensure that messages are clearly understood even in reverberant environments.
  • Outdoor pool: For outdoor pools, it is essential that the public address system has loudspeakers that are resistant to weather conditions such as rain, dust and UV rays.

Selecting the right speakers

Swimming pool public address loudspeakers must be resistant to water, moisture, chlorine and UV rays. They should also provide good speech intelligibility and even sound distribution throughout the pool area.

  • In-ceiling speakers: In-ceiling speakers are a good choice for indoor pools as they offer discreet aesthetics and even sound distribution.
  • In-wall speakers: In-wall speakers are a versatile option that can be used in both indoor and outdoor pools.
  • Column speakers: Column speakers are more suitable for outdoor pools as they are weather resistant and offer higher power.
  • Underwater speakers: Underwater speakers can be installed underwater and are ideal for playing music or making announcements underwater.

Distribute the loudspeakers

Strategic placement of pool PA speakers is essential for uniform sound coverage. It is recommended to position the loudspeakers so that they are directed towards the areas with the highest number of swimmers, such as the beach area, pool deck and changing rooms.

Choosing the right amplifier

The pool PA amplifier must be powerful enough to power all the loudspeakers in the system. It must also have the necessary inputs and outputs to connect different audio sources, such as microphones, music players and emergency announcement systems.

Consider additional features of the swimming pool PA system

Some pool PA systems offer additional features, such as:

  • Microphones: The public address system should include microphones suitable for the specific needs of the pool. Lavalier or wireless microphones are ideal for instructors or surveillance personnel, while table-top microphones can be useful for general announcements.
  • Audio player: The ability to play background music or pre-recorded messages enriches the user experience and can contribute to a pleasant atmosphere in the pool.
  • Sound zones: Systems with sound zones allow the pool to be divided into different zones and play different music or announcements in each zone.
  • Volume controls: The system should have easy to use volume controls that allow the sound level to be adjusted according to the needs of the moment.
  • Remote control: Remote control systems allow the public address system to be controlled remotely.

Verify integration with other systems

In sports facilities with several common areas, it is advisable to opt for a pool PA system that can be integrated with other systems, such as lighting or security.

Seek professional advice

It is important to have the advice of a professional specialised in public address systems for swimming pools, as they will help you to choose the right system for your installation. The professional will be able to assess your specific needs and recommend the system that best suits your budget and the characteristics of your pool.


Choosing a public address system for swimming pools is an important investment that ensures effective communication, safety and the satisfaction of the attendees. This decision must be made according to the specific needs of each facility.

At Fonestar, as experts in public address systems for sports facilities, we offer you a wide range of customised solutions so that you can find the ideal system for your pool.