HLA Inmaculada University Hospital

Granada, Spain

Hospital Universitario Inmaculada, located in the city of Granada, Spain, is a renowned medical institution providing high quality medical care in a wide range of specialties. With a strong academic base backed by its university affiliation, the hospital is distinguished by its commitment to excellence in patient care, medical research and the training of health professionals. Its multidisciplinary team of physicians, nurses and support staff work closely together to provide a comprehensive and personalised approach to patient treatment and recovery.

The hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art medical technology and follows the most rigorous standards in terms of safety and quality. With a solid reputation and a long history of service to the community, Inmaculada University Hospital stands out as a leader in the medical field.

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Committed to health

Type of project: Installation update

Installation size: Medium

System used: Patient-Nurse System

No. of zones:

  • Rooms
  • Corridors and common areas
  • Nursing control area

Our top priority: the protection and well-being of all patients

Top quality medical care

Patient-Nurse System for hospitals

The system uses VoIP calls and visual notifications that enable effective management of the interaction between the patient and the nursing team. It is designed with the needs of healthcare facilities in mind, offering the ability to adapt to each of them in an optimal way.

1.Protection for the patient: Provides immediate communication with the nursing team. Call controls are strategically positioned in rooms and bathrooms. It also has sound and light alerts in the centre of the room, corridors and control points for agile and efficient care.

2.Optimisation of the work of the hospital staff: Tasks are recorded by means of individual cards, and alerts are managed efficiently through touch screens in each room, which allows for optimisation of resources when new calls are received in the room being attended to.

3.Cost and time savings: Installation is easy with a single cable for each component, and adaptable to the systems. It features quick configuration and intuitive menus.

Main project solutions

Make sound yours.

Better monitoring of warnings

Patients can send alerts or request assistance from medical staff when needed. In addition, centre staff can initiate alerts for medical and security emergencies at any time.

Effective communication

It allows for smoother communication between medical staff, nurses and other team members. This improves coordination and rapid response to patients’ needs.

Patient safety first.

Efficient communication is crucial in emergency situations or during medical procedures. It facilitates decision-making and contributes to patient safety.

Current and compatible design

The system has a modern, simple and intuitive visual interface. It is compatible with any healthcare facility, making it easy to implement.

Increased patient satisfaction

The system enables better recording and tracking of interactions and communications. This is valuable for internal audits, process improvement and regulatory compliance.

Instant communication between nurses and patients has improved the efficiency of care, ensuring a rapid response to medical needs. ASSIST has optimised clinical outcomes and created an environment of trust and mutual collaboration between medical staff and patients.


BDM Healthcare

Rafael Solís


VoIP room exchange with touch screen

For the management of patient alerts by healthcare personnel. Includes intercom and RFID reader and full-duplex communication with SIP protocol.


Wall-mounted pushbutton for call to medical personnel

Allows the patient to give an alert by means of the call button or the pear-shaped push button. With high quality materials and backlit buttons.


VoIP phone with touch screen

Allows monitoring of room status, management of alerts and telephone communication with patients. It has a hands-free function.


Bathroom handle for call to health care personnel

With emergency call priority over the rest of the elements of the installation. It has backlit buttons.


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