From right to left: Antonio Queijeiro, Director of Suplemento; Irene Alonso, Fonestar Marketing and Communication Manager and Pablo Suñer, Manager of Suplemento .


At Fonestar, lessons are repeated until they are learned, so that with effort and preparation, luck often smiles on us.

That is why today, we are very excited to announce that Premios El Suplemento has awarded us this weekend the prize for the best company 2021 of the Cantabrian Excellent Awards (CEX). An award that is a powerful loudspeaker to spread all the good things we do from Fonestar.

We take this opportunity to sincerely thank the organization and its team for the great work of dissemination that they have been doing for several years and also congratulate all the companies that have been awarded and all those who have participated in some way in the event.

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