AFDAE, the Association of Audiovisual Manufacturers and Distributors in Spain, is a cross-cutting meeting point that seeks to revitalise Spain’s audiovisual industry.

Why is the existence of an association like AFDAE important for the industry?

We believe that having a meeting point for professionals in the audiovisual sector is fundamental. And in this sense, the association provides us with all the necessary spaces so that all members can collaborate and move forward with common objectives.

We need to develop synergies that favour the optimisation of the sector, making it more efficient, generating more business opportunities and allowing it to be strengthened for the benefit of maintaining and creating jobs and value in the participating companies.

What reasons have encouraged you to take part in this initiative?

Based on the above, we want to be an active and proactive part of a group of companies in which we can all contribute value to each other, complement R&D&I projects and forge alliances for the development of larger projects. Personally, I always advocate transparency and collaboration, forgetting that we are competitors; it is much more valuable to collaborate than to compete, because by competing all we do is put up walls in our businesses that prevent win-win with others. We believe that collaboration has always been a fundamental pillar of growth, and now it is more important than ever. Only by being able to bond, work as a team and share goals will we be stronger.

This is the key to our involvement and in this sense I would like to advocate initiatives such as developing joint R&D&I projects by sharing human and material resources, opening the door to the specific specialisation of each of us in the area where we have more economies of scale or more opportunities for growth. Also, sharing experiences of common clients and even being able to deploy joint actions, as a partnership, in these clients. In this way, we will be much more visible and recognised by the distribution channel in Spain.

Having, therefore, a key agent such as AFDAE to promote, bring together and become a point of reference in the audiovisual sector are more than enough reasons to be part of this great initiative.

What initiatives do you see as essential to promote currently in the AV industry that will favour its business fabric?

At Fonestar we are always optimistic and we believe that we are entering a post-pandemic phase. We see the light at the end of the tunnel and we have signs that the market is moving again. Slowly but surely.

In this context, we have reinforced our strategy in several points that we believe are basic to continue building a fabric within our sector. From comprehensive advice, including commercial and engineering profiles, to a service where speed of response and product availability are the cornerstones, to a permanent focus on innovation and the creation of tailor-made solutions. We consider this last point to be particularly essential nowadays. Providing clearly differentiated solutions adapted to each problem gives us a customer-oriented approach that is working very well for us.

Finally, could you tell us a little more about your company and your field of action?

At Fonestar we are manufacturers and developers of public address, sound and microphone products and solutions. Thanks to our customers we are the reference in Spain and Portugal, and for the last 10 years we have been present in more than 60 countries. Countries as diverse as Vietnam, Cuba, France, Colombia or Kenya.

We collaborate in all projects (schools, hospitals, shops, restaurants, airports, places of worship, …) from the very beginning to be able to advise our clients with the best solutions.  We design our systems from the beginning. Without preconceived ideas. Always focused on the end user and seeking excellence. With the aim of providing value, which is our “house brand”. Furthermore, we know that it is necessary to be at the forefront and that is why we want, now more than ever, to be close to all our customers. Through innovation and development. We configure the equipment and programme the most advanced systems. We prepare the necessary technical documentation, facilitating start-up. And with a rapid response and immediate availability of the product at all times.

Our experience, together with the digitalisation and optimisation of processes, means that we are always ready to meet product needs in a timely manner. To this end, we have the largest stock of product available on the market, thanks to our modern storage facilities with more than 14,000 m2 of available space. We are a well-coordinated team that is always at the disposal of all our customers. And that works today for the Fonestar of tomorrow, with efficiency, respect for the environment and commitment to sustainability.