Cora Hotel & Spa Resort

Chalkidiki , Greece

With a total of 181 rooms, some with private pools, Cora Hotel is a home away from home. With a staff that will provide you with luxurious, yet unpretentious hospitality services, while you enjoy the quality of exceptional background music.

Be amazed by Chalkidiki’s culinary roots at its two restaurants and four bars, where unique gastronomic experiences accompanied by high fidelity audio playback await you, or enjoy refreshing moments by the pool, relax completely in the sauna and immerse yourself in an immersive sound atmosphere thanks to the advanced capabilities of our AIP- audio over IP sound system.

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A sunset, the sea and good music: the perfect trilogy.

Project type: New installation

Installation size: Large

Experience unforgettable moments!

immerse yourself in the magic of sound

Cora Hotel - Megafonía para hoteles
AIP – Audio over IP

The ideal public address solution for hotels. With the integration of the AIP-Audio over IP sound system, hotels can offer an exceptional audio experience throughout their facilities. From the lobby to the guest rooms and common areas, AIP-based hotel public address systems deliver clear messages and high quality music, providing guests with a welcoming and immersive atmosphere.

Installation by our partner in Greece:

Logotipo Norma Telecom

Cora Hotel - Megafonía para hoteles
Cora Hotel - Megafonía para hoteles
Cora Hotel - Megafonía para hoteles
Main project solutions

Make sound yours

Flexibility in configuration

It allows the audio system to be easily adapted to different spaces and needs, such as reception areas, restaurants, outdoor terraces or common areas, ensuring optimal sound coverage in each location.

Elimination of cables

Using existing IP networks eliminates the need for traditional audio cables, which reduces costs and avoids complex installations, while avoiding messy and unaesthetic cables.

Integration with existing systems

It integrates with other existing systems in the hotel, such as the lighting control system or the automation system, to create a more complete and coordinated multimedia experience.

Music and message programming

It allows predefined music and messages to be programmed at different times of the day or for specific events, providing a customised listening experience for guests.

Centralised control

Centrally managed and controlled, making it easy to manage background music, volume adjustments and playlist scheduling from the central location.

With the implementation of an audio over IP system, the sound quality is exceptional and evenly distributed throughout the spaces, from the hall to the outdoor terraces. It also allows full control over the background music, creating a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere for all guests.


Export Manager

Antonio Brito


AIP System – Audio over IP

Integration of different sources of background music and programmed messages, events, voice and SIP compatibility. With remote control and monitoring of the entire system.


Low-impedance sound system loudspeakers

Their excellent finish and elegant design allow a perfect integration in any space.


Ceiling speakers

It has a simple anchor installation system, which minimises installation time, with the screws being completely hidden behind the grille.


Garden speakers

It allows to provide sound for gardens and parks while minimising the visual impact, thanks to its rock shape. It has IP-56 protection for use in outdoor spaces.


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