Javier Pérez Sports City – C.D. Tenerife

Tenerife , Spain

The renovation of the facilities of the Javier Pérez sports complex is the culmination of an effort made by Club Deportivo Tenerife over several years. The centrepiece of this renovation is a five-storey building and a grandstand on field number 1, which has the capacity to accommodate 1,632 spectators.

The sports services building includes a residence as well as common spaces such as a canteen, a kitchen and offices for psychology services. In addition, a specific area has been set aside for the first team. On the other hand, the academy team now has eight changing rooms, a gymnasium, a hydrotherapy area and offices for coaches and physiotherapists, among other amenities. These new facilities fully meet the needs of the club and augur a promising future in both the sporting and academic spheres for the promising young Tenerife players.

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WEB: Club Deportivo Tenerife


The Champion’s sound

Type of project: Installation update

Installation size: Large

System used:AIP – Audio over IP

No. of zones:

  • Building
    • common areas
    • dining room
    • kitchen
    • offices
    • changing rooms
    • gym
  • Bleachers and training fields


A feeling that unites us

cd tenerife megafonia
Public address systems in sports facilities: Football fields

With public address systems in football fields and sports cities, we try to boost the enthusiasm of football fans. In addition, the public address system plays a crucial role in event coordination, security and logistics management of the sports facility.

AIP-Audio over IP
Implement our IP public address solution, AIP-Audio over IPoffers numerous advantages in a sports facility. Superior sound quality, flexibility in sound distribution, installation scalability, integration with other technologies, remote management, automated scheduling of announcements, background music and other audio content, clear and concise emergency communication, increased energy efficiency and reduced maintenance costs. Only advantages!

cd tenerife megafonia
cd tenerife megafonia
cd tenerife megafonia
Main project solutions

Make sound yours.

Superior sound quality

It enhances the spectator experience and contributes to the overall success of all events, even in very noisy environments such as football stadiums.

Adaptation to the growth of the installation and its needs.

As a sports facility evolves over time, changes to the public address system are likely to be required. New seating areas, concession areas, additional facilities or even an expansion of the stadium may emerge. Scalability allows for the addition of loudspeakers, amplifiers and other components without major reconfiguration of the existing system.

Remote management and automated programming.

The entire IP public address system is controlled and managed remotely over an IP network, simplifying operations and enabling rapid response to emergency situations or program changes. In addition, announcements, background music and other audio content can be automated, ensuring that everything works as planned and reducing the need for manual intervention.

A system open to integration with other technologies

Our AIP-Audio over IP system can be easily integrated with other systems, such as video surveillance systems, event management systems and building automation systems, facilitating the comprehensive management of the entire sports facility.

Simplified maintenance

All components and devices can be replaced or upgraded individually without affecting the system as a whole. This reduces downtime and minimizes disruptions to sports facility operations.

Superior sound quality, scalability and remote management has transformed not only the way Club Deportivo Tenerife enjoys sporting events in their sports city, but also the way they manage it. It is an investment that has exceeded all expectations and has drastically improved the sports facility in all aspects.


Sales Coordinator

Roberto Tarazona


Audio over IP player and SIP client

AIP is a 100% scalable solution, with no limit to the number of AIP devices and channels, auto-discovery service when connected to the network and intuitive configuration and control software (AIP-Go).


Audio over IP channel programmer

It allows the creation, programming and broadcasting of AIP audio channels over the local area network (LAN), thus eliminating the need for PCs in the AIP installation.


100 V line transformer ceiling loudspeakers

It offers a crisp, clean and nuanced sound, making it perfect for vocals and musical ambience. ABS body and round steel grid guarantee its integrity.


Unidirectional sound projectors

Ready for outdoor use thanks to their watertight ABS housings, stainless steel screws and weatherproofed swiveling mounting bracket.


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