CEU San Pablo Sanchinarro

Madrid , Spain

CEU San Pablo Sanchinarro School, established in 2010 in Madrid, is the fruit of the work of the San Pablo CEU University Foundation. An institution committed to promoting the comprehensive training of people at all levels of education for more than 80 years.

The educational project at CEU San Pablo Sanchinarro School is based on the pursuit of all-round excellence in students, involving all dimensions: physical, academic, personal and spiritual. They firmly believe that effective communication is key to educational success and the integral growth of students and therefore installed an efficient public address system, which ensures that communication is clear and effective in all areas of the school, facilitating the transmission of relevant information and promoting an enriching learning environment.

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Connect. Communicate. Inspire.

Type of project: Plant modernization

Installation size: Medium

System used: AIP – Audio over IP

No. of zones:

  • Registration
  • Courtyards
  • Courtyard stage

Every word counts

An unforgettable sound experience

Megafonía en colegios - CEU Sanchinarro
AIP – audio over IP for schools

AIP-Audio over IP is the ideal communication system for establishing seamless connections between your facility and a wide range of devices. Whether you need to transmit messages, music or make announcements, AIP gives you the flexibility and the best audio quality needed for seamless communication.

AIP – audio over IP for schools provides integration of different sources of background music and scheduled messages, events, voice and SIP compatibility. With remote control and full system monitoring.

Megafonía en colegios - CEU Sanchinarro
Megafonía en colegios - CEU Sanchinarro
Megafonía en colegios - CEU Sanchinarro
Main project solutions

Sound your way

Efficient audio control and distribution

Centralised sound management and distribution, allowing complete control over messages and announcements in the courtyards and reception.

Perfect integration with other systems

AIP – audio over IP integrates with other existing systems and technologies in the school, facilitating unified management and seamless operation.

Wide coverage and uniformity of sound

Thanks to AIP – audio over IP, the public address system achieves greater voice projection, allowing messages to be heard clearly, even in noisy or outdoor environments such as courtyards or reception areas.

Immersive sound experience

AIP – audio over IP provides an immersive, high quality listening experience in the auditorium, creating a favourable environment for events, presentations and important communications.

Cost reduction and maintenance

AIP – audio over IP infrastructure requires less cabling and physical components, resulting in reduced installation and maintenance costs in the long run.

One of the most outstanding advantages of the AIP-audio over IP system is its scalability and flexibility. As the school expands, we can also expand and adapt the system. Adding new speakers or coverage areas is easy and does not require costly restructuring.


Business Development Director

Jaime Jaén


Audio over IP transmitter

AIP is a 100% scalable solution, with no limit to the number of AIP devices and channels, auto-discovery service when connected to the network and intuitive configuration and control software (AIP-Go).


Outdoor PoE Active IP Surface Speaker PoE

They provide a high sound quality, with a defined and distortion-free sound. They integrate a microphone for SPL function and self-check, with which it acquires ambient sound pressure values for automatic volume setting of the zones.


Audio over IP microphone

Microphone for IP audio system with capacitive touch keypad. Easy operation for microphone announcements and message playback. It has a capacitive touch keypad with 12 configurable buttons.


Audio over IP channel programmer

Allows the creation, programming and broadcasting of AIP audio channels over the local area network (LAN), so you can dispense with the use of PCs in your AIP installation. Control the entire system through its web interface.


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