Bebo Los Vientos

Cadiz, Spain

Bebo los Vientos is a restaurant and cocktail bar located on Victoria Beach in Cádiz. Its cuisine, a Mediterranean fusion with avant-garde touches, will surprise you with dishes such as hamburgers, rice dishes and fresh fish. It is the perfect place to contemplate the sea, sunsets and starry nights.

The main objective of the sound project was to create an ideal sound environment. Resistant to the passage of time and possible climatic difficulties. With a sound quality that is always excellent.

The sound system is surround sound and allows you to enjoy your favourite music with impeccable sound quality, no matter where you are in the beach bar.

For more information:

WEB: Bebo Los Vientos


The sound of a sunset

Type of project: Installation update

Installation size: Small

System used: Simple zone system

No. of zones:

  • Bar
  • Terrace

An atmosphere that will captivate you

Let yourself be carried away by good music

Megafonía para hostelería - Bebo Los Vientos. Chiringuito en Cádiz
Sound systems for bars and restaurants

Good sound is always a good investment in bars and restaurants. Sound plays a crucial role in the customer experience and the profitability of the business. A good sound system improves the efficiency and image of the venue.

Improve communication: Public address can be used to make important announcements, such as changes to the menu or opening hours.
Create the right atmosphere: Ambient music is part of the customer experience in the venue.
It has a direct influence on the length of time customers stay in a hospitality venue:
The right music encourages customers to stay longer and consume more.
Build customer loyalty: A positive experience in a bar or restaurant motivates customers to return.

Megafonía para hostelería - Bebo Los Vientos. Chiringuito en Cádiz
Megafonía para hostelería - Bebo Los Vientos. Chiringuito en Cádiz
Megafonía para hostelería - Bebo Los Vientos. Chiringuito en Cádiz
Main project solutions

Make sound yours.

Improving the sound experience for customers

Music and sound have an enormous power to create a specific ambience and atmosphere in any space. Bebo Los Vientos’ good sound system has made it a lively and vibrant place, perfect for socialising and having fun.

Programming of automatic messages

The public address system is designed to make important announcements, such as table availability, special offers or upcoming events.

Strictly complying with local noise regulations

Using quality and well-directed loudspeakers to avoid sound dispersion or lowering the volume of the music when there are many customers or when it is late at night are some of the cases contemplated in the sound project.

Music adapted to the environment

Relaxing music in the morning, livelier at midday, for dancing in the afternoon and chill out or lounge in the evening. Every moment has its own music.

Weather resistance

Bebo Los Vientos is exposed to inclement weather such as sun, rain, salt and wind. The sound system is designed to withstand these conditions and the components are corrosion and water resistant.

The sound system has improved customer satisfaction by providing high quality sound and clear communication, making every visit to the venue an unforgettable experience.


Sales Manager


Multizone public address amplifier

Perfect for PA and piped music systems with 100 V or low impedance line loudspeakers. The best tool for room sound reinforcement. Reliable for long working days.


Surface loudspeaker with 100 V line transformer and low impedance

Sound reinforcement loudspeaker with 100 V line transformer and low impedance. They are fully prepared for outdoor use as they have an aluminium grille and protection against water (IP-66) and marine environments.


Multizone public address amplifier

It uses an up-to-date, highly efficient and reliable class D amplifier to offer the best sound performance. The output zones allow different volume levels to be selected, customising the sound of each zone.


Subwoofer speaker with 100 V line transformer

Subwoofer with excellent bass response, for sound reinforcement in ambient music. It enhances the bass content of music, providing deep and powerful bass without distortion.


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