Aegean Melathron Thalasso Spa Resort

Kallithea , Greece

Chalkidiki is a safe and accessible destination located only 80 km from Thessaloniki. A privileged place to enjoy a perfect holiday.

Aegean Melathron Thalasso Spa offers large facilities, designed with 8 refreshing pools and 6 bars for total relaxation. The 200 metre long beach at its foot offers shallow waters perfect for water sports fun. An ideal option to relax and enjoy a natural sound environment and crystal clear waters.

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The soundtrack to a perfect holiday.

Project type: Installation renewal

Installation size: Medium

System used: Digital audio matrix

No. of zones:

  • Thalassa Beach Bar
  • Toroneos Bar

Unforgettable sound

Whispers of well-being

Aegean Melathron Thalasso Spa Resort - megafonía para hoteles
Public Address for hotels

Public address in a hotel is essential to provide an exceptional guest experience, improve communication, strengthen the image and save costs in the long run. It is an investment that ensures that the hotel is at the forefront of technology and meets the expectations of the most demanding customers.

Installation carried out by our partner in Greece:

Logotipo Norma Telecom

Aegean Melathron Thalasso Spa Resort - megafonía para hoteles
Aegean Melathron Thalasso Spa Resort - megafonía para hoteles
Aegean Melathron Thalasso Spa Resort - megafonía para hoteles
Main project solutions

Make sound yours

Sound power

In an environment such as the beach, where there may be ambient noise from wind, waves and guest conversations, it is important to have a public address system that can overcome these noise levels and provide clear, crisp audio.

Great range

A series of strategically placed loudspeakers were used to ensure that the background music could be enjoyed by the diners in the restaurant, as well as by all those guests relaxing in the hammocks by the sea.

Ease of use and durability

The simplicity of the system’s interface and functionality ensures that any member of staff can use it without difficulty. This streamlines the management of all communications.

Improving customer experience

With useful information to guests, such as activity schedules, special events, promotions, available services, local recommendations or playing relaxing background music to create a pleasant and inviting atmosphere

Flexible and adaptable configuration

They allow the volume and sound distribution to be adjusted simply and directly to the specific needs of the hotel. This flexibility makes it easy to adapt the system to any future changes or expansion.

A high-quality public address system can make all the difference to your guests’ experience in your hotel. Not only does it keep them informed, but it also contributes to creating a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere in all areas of the hotel.


Export Manager

Antonio Brito


Multi-zone public address amplifier

Perfect for public address and piped music systems with 100 V or low impedance line loudspeakers. The best tool for area sound coverage.


High Power Loudspeakers

Specially designed for public address and background music applications in large outdoor spaces. Their robust and compact construction, excellent finish and elegant design allow a perfect integration in any space.


Stereo power amplifier

High power and sound quality with high performance and stability. Audio inputs with XLR connection and volume control for each channel. Speaker outputs with speaker connector.


Surface-mounted loudspeakers

Provides high sound quality with a defined and distortion-free sound. Outdoor-ready with aluminium grille and waterproof protection (IP-66).


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