Measure twice, cut only once.

A few years ago in Chicago, a plan was implemented to modernize all traffic lights by replacing incandescent bulbs with LED lights. A major initiative that, a priori, offered numerous advantages: greater luminosity, lower energy consumption and reduced maintenance requirements.

However, Chicago’s harsh winter with heavy snowfall posed an unexpected problem. Unlike incandescent bulbs that generate heat to melt snow, the efficient LED lamps generated hardly any heat. The consequence was the accumulation of snow on the traffic lights that made it difficult to distinguish the light on.

Although it was probably thoroughly evaluated and approved by experts, it seems that this aspect went unnoticed or was discarded at some point. At Fonestar we believe that if the smallest oversight can generate enormous costs or irreversible consequences, it is worth remembering the classic saying from the world of carpentry: measure twice, cut only once.

In these turbulent days around the world, it is now, more necessary than ever, that every public institution has sufficient tools to ensure citizens more security and communication. We promote an adequate use of public address systems in cities because…

  • They need to be able to communicate clearly and timely in emergency situations to help reduce panic and confusion among citizens, facilitating a more organized and coordinated response.
  • It is necessary to have a communication channel from the City Hall to all citizens. With the possibility of communicating municipal banners, party programs, occasional or periodic notices or announcements of events.
  • It is essential to automatically transmit pre-recorded information messages with opening and closing times of public facilities, temperature and weather forecasts on beaches, safety reminders and guidelines on special events to provide correct information to citizens.

Academy #32 – Measure twice, cut only once.

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