Not everything that counts can be measured, and not everything that can be measured counts.

Immediacy. Speed. It seems a symptom of our times, but believe us, nothing could be further from the truth. We have the idyllic vision that our parents and grandparents lived peacefully in a world where news did not expire by mid-morning. Nowadays, in our social networks, only the latest news is the last thing to arrive, leaving scorched earth without a backward glance. But looking back, you cannot see how it was not like that. The telegram brought about a more profound change in society than the internet, and what used to take weeks to arrive now arrived in minutes. And from then on, everything became urgent.

We see today’s problems as comparable to those of past generations. Our own self-centredness as a society often leads us to quarrel with the past. To disown it. In the past, wearing your grandfather’s watch was a proud sign. Today, unfortunately, there is no attachment to it.

Over the last year at Fonestar we have been celebrating an anniversary. Celebrating a milestone. Reaching 75 years of life. Proud of our time and the time of all the people who made our company a great company. Proud of what we were, are and hope to be.

We have grown together. We have made decisions that have marked our character. Searching for reasons that keep us united. With a continuous commitment. Always trying to connect the “small things” of everyday life with the “bigger things” we hope to achieve together. Because we know that most of the urgent daily actions evaporate and only a few accumulate.

We want to grow like good trees. Not just in altitude, as if this is the only thing that can be measured, but to grow as a whole process. A process that only makes sense in the measure of finding the patterns and putting all the fragments together. Looking backwards and forwards. With our feet in the present. With the ambition to say “something” and to do it.

This is a plea for our history. For experience. To good work. For commitment. For rewarding your loyalty over the years. We are in the final stretch of the year but with the conviction that together we will continue to make history.

Here’s to another 75 years sounding together.


Academy #20 — Everything that starts has an end.

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