EN54 System microphone



Microphone with zone selector FEATURES VELA is a voice evacuation system certified in accordance with the EN54 fire protection standard. A perfect solution for PA evacuation systems that include zones. Dante compatible, and ethernet connection for PC software configuration and control. Among the principal functions, worth pointing out is emergency and evacuation announcements with zone control. System status check and loudspeaker line monitoring. Input and output DSP functions. Playback of pre-recorded messages, microphone and line inputs, and automatic switchover from the backup amplifier. VELA-MIC is a microphone with zone selector for voice announcements and for sending messages to the VELA-AMP or VELA-EXT zone amplifier. The connection is made directly through RD ports. It is expandable via VELA-EXTMIC. In each central amplifier and extension you can connect 2 firefighter microphones and 2 alert microphones. The complete system limits the number of firefighter microphones to 32 and alert microphones to 32. If EN54-16 compliance is required, only 16 firefighter microphones can be connected. Flexible and total configuration of the keys is possible via the PC software. APPLICATIONS Designed for PA and voice evacuation installations in accordance with the EN54 fire protection standard. For medium- and large-sized installations such as shopping centres, stadiums, convention centres, hospitals, residences, etc.
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Microphone with zone selector for EN54 PA and voice alarm systems.
Flexible and full configuration of the keys via the PC software.
EN 54-16 certified.
Direct connection to VELA-AMP or VELA-EXT amplifier.


USB B female connector for storing messages


24 V DC, 120 mA, via RD port


170 x 53 x 243 mm depth


0.7 kg
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