19" rack cabinet.


19'' rack cabinet Features: 19” 10 U metal rack cabinet for floor mounting. Keeps all the devices of the installation protected and safe in the same place. It has transparent methacrylate door with a lock and key, wheels with brakes, legs and 2 fans (230 V AC) on the upper part. An ideal solution for installing telecommunication devices, nets, servers, etc. The depth of the rack allows for the installation of devices up to 41 cm deep. This rack cabinet protects and enables access to the devices via either the front methacrylate door or the side and rear panels, making maintenance and monitoring of the devices considerably easier. Includes legs, 6 mounts, 1 tray, nuts and bolts for assembly.
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Metal 19" rack cabinet, transparent methacrylate door with lock and key, wheels with brakes, feet and 2 fans (230 V AC) in the upper part.
Demountable side and back panels.
Cable holder on the side.
Black enamel finish.


19" 10 U rack = 44.5 cm


Exterior including the wheels: 58.5 x 72 x 58.5 cm depth
Between the rails: 48.5 cm wide x 41 cm deep
Usable depth: 410 mm


Feet, 6 mounts, 1 tray, nuts and bolts for assembly


41 kg


T-FRA: thermostat to activate the fans depending on the temperature
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