Message programmer


Message programmer, events and background music player with 4 output zones. Programmed, live message player and alarms. And plays background music from internal memory or USB/SD, creation of multiple background music channels. Alarm activation through contact closure. Easy programming with PC software, management via local area network (LAN) and internet.
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Message programmer, events and background music player with 4 output zones.
Temporary programming of messages and general purpose outputs. Live message playback.
Events and alarms activated through contact closure.
Specific message and alarm (internal memory) player and VoIP. Does not cut off background music.
Background music playback from USB/SD or internal memory with creation of multiple channels.
SIP protocol.
PC software for programming, audio file transfer and management via local area network (LAN) and internet.
Alarm and message priority over background music inputs.
Alarm and message prioritization over background music.
16 GB internal memory for audio files. 
USB port and SD card reader for audio file playback and software updating.


1 background music aux, 2 x RCA 1 V
4 programmable inputs for alarm activation through contact closure, euroblock
1 ethernet, RJ-45


4 zones, 2 x RCA 2 V
4 general purpose relays, euroblock
2 link for future applications, RJ-45


100-240 V AC, 9 W and 24 V DC, 0.4 A


435 x 45 x 220 mm depth. 1 U 19" rack


2.7 kg


Mounts for assembly in 19" rack


PC software ZSM-GO (included)
Access via local area network (LAN) and internet
Multiple ZSM control and management
Message programming and general purpose outputs
Alarm and alarm input configuration
Creation and control of background music channels
Audio file transfer and management
Status monitoring

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