Audio system


Audio system


Audio system (all-in-one) including a pair of ceiling speakers and a wall amplifier. With a multitude of playback options (USB/MicroSD/MP3, FM radio with 30 presets, etc.) and two aux inputs, expanding your possibilities and allowing you to enjoy the music played from any device with a line-level output. In addition, thanks to its 2 x 6½" loudspeakers, you will be able to enjoy high-quality, powerful stereo sound without distortion. Allows you to set a maximum volume via the PC configuration software, setting a limit to ensure that you do not exceed a set volume. This kit includes all the necessary elements needed for its installation and makes it easy to integrate into any space. Includes remote control. APPLICATIONS For small sound systems in waiting rooms, small shops, homes, etc. TECHNICAL DATA 2 x 10 W RMS 2 speakers 6 ½" 10 W 8 Ω Priority of aux input 1 per signal level
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Wall amplifier and pair of ceiling loudspeakers.


Compact 2 x 10 W RMS stereo amplifier with flush-mounted box
USB/MicroSD MP3 player
FM radio with 30 automatic presets 
Maximum volume configurable via connection to a PC
2 aux inputs, screw terminals
Aux input 1 priority through signal level
Only 100-240 V AC power supply necessary
2 x 6 ½" loudspeakers, 10 W 8 Ω, manufactured in ABS with round aluminium grille


Digital FM with presets and auto scan


Loudspeakers: 8 Ω, screw terminals


Amplifier and box together: 86 x 86 x 62 mm depth
Flush-mounting box: 80 x 80 x 50 mm depth
Loudspeakers:186 mm Ø x 70 mm depth
Cut-out hole: 165 mm


1.2 kg


Flush-mounted box
5 m loudspeaker cable
Remote control


46066: surface-mount box
46067: plasterboard partition box

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