MHL to HDMI adapter.


MHL micro USB to HDMI adapter for mobile telephones and portable electronic devices. RCP allows you to control the terminal functions from the TV remote control.
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MHL micro USB to HDMI adapter.
MHL 2.0.
For transferring audio and video digital signals in HD quality.
Accepts a resolution of up to 1080p.
Perfect for connecting smartphones or portable electronic devices with MHL to televisions, projectors, screens with HDMI input.
RCP (Remote Control Protocol) allows you to control the terminal from the TV remote control.
For charging and powering the telephone or device through the female micro USB B port with USB cable.
Transmission bandwidth of 25 to 75 Gbps.


1 male MHL
1 female micro USB B for charging and power supply


1 gold-plated female HDMI connector


5 V DC through the micro USB connector using the mains adapter or the TV USB port, etc.


26 x 11 x 185 mm length

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